Mactores Innovations Pvt ltd: Customized Concepts across the Microsoft Platform

Balkrishna Heroor, CEO
Cloud-based solutions and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) continue to set new trends and are popularly sought by many enterprises across the world. However, the biggest challenge for CIOs, who are implementing cloud technology, is its optimized implementation and successful adoption at a cost that is lower than their traditional IT models. Mactores Innovations, a California-based company helps address these issues by enabling CIOs to articulately assess their firms’ on-premise workloads and craft an effective cloud solution, accordingly.

“Mactores is focused to deliver solutions for Analytics, Big Data and Cloud,” says Balkrishna Heroor, CEO, Mactores Innovations. The company’s solution suite is built and developed using all open source software and tools. “We help companies to amalgamate best of both worlds of opensource software and tools, thus opening up optimal innovative open source solutions on Microsoft platform like Microsoft Azure, Azure Intelligent System Services (AISS), and Windows Server,” says Heroor. By deploying Mactores’s solution with Azure, enterprises’ cost will automatically replace the investment model, thus, keeping the cost down, while improving the quality of the solution that is developed.

“As an Azure SI, we have categorically observed that the mid-market is adopting more and more cloud for scalable and cost-effective solutions to realize immediate benefits in their profits due of investment model,” says Heroor. Further, Mactores utilize Microsoft’s channel to generate customers and in return helps customers build robust solutions on Azure for Microsoft creating value added products. Some of Mactores’s notable solutions include VideoTouch—a personalized corporate YouTube, SocialReach, and Machine Learning solutions that have enabled organizations to reduce nearly 30 percent of support costs as well as increase operational efficiency by 45 percent.

Our experience in the professional arena supplements the technical proficiency of the customer service teams to create powerful business solution tailored to the customer's need

“We have assisted businesses in a framework that encompasses Assessment, Building Roadmaps, Proof of Concepts & Execution. Our experience in the professional arena supplements the technical proficiency of the customer service teams to create powerful business solutions tailored to the customer's need,” says Heroor.

For instance, a provider of commercial information and business intelligence (BI) wanted to analyze and deliver data more efficiently and internally to customers. To enable this, the client partnered with Mactores to implement Power BI for Office 365 and HD Insight, enabling the users to shape and visualize data from within Microsoft Excel.

The client’s latest finding is the Azure Indexer in Microsoft Azure, with which it cost-effectively searches through millions of breaking-news video within seconds. The client was able to provide an ease of information consumption and improved the portal engagement to their customers.

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Balkrishna Heroor, CEO

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