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Allie Janoch, CEO & Co-Founder
In 1970, President Nixon’s signing of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to focus on first-generation pollutants was certainly a pithy as well as a noteworthy measure with respect to the commencement of stringent environmental regulations. Unfortunately, even after 49 years, the majority of companies are not able to fully comply with mandates related to say, stormwater management, oil and hazardous materials pollution prevention. This is especially true for companies in the manufacturing space, as potential pollutants and hazardous waste are often an unavoidable reality. To this end, California-based Mapistry comes in with innovative environmental compliance management solutions to enable companies to facilitate and streamline the process of regulatory compliance through automation, data management, analytics, recordkeeping, and training. Their customers include some of the largest industrial manufacturing, building materials, and recycling companies in the world such as Georgia - Pacific, Vulcan Materials, and Republic Services.

“In the past few years, federal and state government have introduced several changes in their policy obliging companies to provide reports electronically instead of the previous paper-based methods. Hence, the ease of identifying violations and frequency of fines and lawsuits has been increased dramatically,” mentions Allie Janoch, CEO & co-founder of Mapistry. In the manufacturing landscape, mandates have grown beyond the Clean Water and Clean Air Act, which demands meditated attention and expert measures to eliminate the chance of being sued or fined. Perhaps the hardest part of addressing environmental regulations is the involvement of employees across the organization regardless of their position and department.

At this juncture, Mapistry offers a smarter, faster, and easily deployable platform that enables companies to overcome compliance hurdles associated with siloed information or document repositories that are scattered geographically. By digitally capturing and storing data, allowing to upload scanned documents, and generating automated notifications before and after conducting inspections, Mapistry simplifies the tasks of environmental staff. It also eliminates the instances of ground-level workers ‘pencil whipping’ inspections. Another pain point for companies stems from the water and air sampling process oftentimes facility staff lacks the technical expertise to interpret the results and understand risk levels.
Mapistry addresses this predicament by digitizing the lab handoff process and automating result analysis, thereby reducing the chances of error and ensuring that violations and warning signs are identified quickly.

We also have an environmental consulting team. Our proficiency is on three pillars: technology, training, and domain expertise

Alongside its innovative solution offerings, Mapistry offers a dynamic and flexible eLearning suite which allows their clients’ personnel to conveniently learn about regulatory requirements through a comprehensive training curriculum. Allie briefs, “we also have an environmental consulting team. Our proficiency is on three pillars: technology, training, and domain expertise. Today, we are focused on making this eLearning suite more engrossing and building out our library. Shortly, Mapistry will integrate it into the platform more tightly.”

The effectiveness of Mapistry’s robust approach can be best exemplified through the success story of a customer that Allie shares. An enterprise having facilities spread across the U.S. faced frequent repercussions—and monetary loss in the range of millions of dollars every year—owing to stormwater violations. They were only able to carry out less than half of all mandatory inspections and rarely addressed water sample red flags. Mapistry’s solution enabled them to pinpoint risky sites and gain accurate ground level inspection results. Moreover, they were able to enforce prompt inspection across all sites because “everyone on the ground knew that if they didn’t do their inspection, the corporate team would know,” as Allie recalls.

With many such success stories, the company strives to sharpen the edge of its offerings by working on rolling out a new user-friendly interface for their platforms while simultaneously extending the scope of their environmental compliance capabilities. For instance, they have already begun offering solutions for air compliance which will play a definitive role in their growth.


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Allie Janoch, CEO & Co-Founder

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