MARS SalesFocus Solutions: Actionable Business Insights from Customer Relationships

Tom Oprendek, Vice President
The data-driven sales vertical, today, is embracing the convergence of mobile, cloud, and analytics to interact with potential and existing customers, and perk up the efficiencies of targeted marketing and sales campaigns. However, the silo effect, redundant data, and miscoded information are increasing complexities to derive valuable sales insights. Organisations deploying Customer Relationship Management (CRM) behemoth Salesforce, have to grapple with the heaps of valuable customer information that reside in disparate sources and applications. This in turn necessitates automated integration for identifying new sales opportunities and obtaining product-targeted marketing leads. “At a fundamental level, data integration is absolutely critical for accurate sales reporting, staging effective marketing campaigns, and for performing analysis such as cross-sales analysis and segmentation,” reveals Tom Oprendek, Vice President, MARS SalesFocus Solutions. The confluence of “big data” and Salesforce CRM is where San Francisco-based MARS SalesFocus Solutions adds significant value for sales and marketing professionals in transcending the data silos.

The company employs advanced analytics and graphical data visualizations to transform the complex underlying data in the fintech and asset-intensive companies into easily identifiable actionable insights. The company’s MARS product suite is capable of aggregating and housing an unlimited number of investment products such as ETFS, mutual funds, managed accounts, and more from many disparate sources to ensure accurate reporting across all entities.

With a view to complement capabilities of Salesforce platform, the company has developed—The MARS-Salesforce CRM integration—a managed package which is an easy plug-in to a firm’s existing Salesforce CRM solution. MARS-Salesforce CRM integration leverages the capabilities of the MARS Sales system to offer unprecedented business insights to clients so their sales and marketing teams can more readily find new actionable business opportunities. “MARS is a robust transaction processing and analytics engine providing advanced analytics, market or competitive intelligence and data visualizations,” illustrates Oprendek. The integration package assists sales and marketing groups in creating targeted marketing campaigns or identifying new sales opportunities by allowing real-time bi-directional synchronization of sales transactions and assets at the firm, branch/ office and rep levels.

MARS is a robust transaction processing and analytics engine providing advanced analytics, market/competitive intelligence and data visualizations

The MARS channel and territory management capabilities assist clients to reduce sales costs and maximize profits by analyzing sales and assets at granular levels such as Rep/Product as well as identifying top accounts or accounts that may be at the risk of redeeming assets. For instance, MARS product suite aggregates, normalizes, reconciles and standardizes data for ETF providers to extract information from the most detailed level assisting them better identify top producing firms, offices, reps and RIAs, compare ETF sales and asset trends. The product suite also allows ETF providers to perform advanced analytics using heat, segmentation, and location-based mapping. In addition to this, IntelliMARS, company’s mobile solution, provides advanced analytics and data visualizations on iPad and iPhone devices gaining unprecedented business insights to retain assets and improve business growth.

The firm’s Salesforce integration package has been tailored to suit client’s unique business needs. In one engagement, MARS SalesFocus Solutions made a change in the client’s products section along with the firm, office and rep hierarchy to the Salesforce CRM. They also created dashboards and reports based on the MARS sales and asset data pushed to Salesforce where the client’s Salesforce users could quickly obtain key information without having to toggle between multiple systems.

On the way ahead, the company will continue to meet the needs of their customers with innovation, industry expertise, and focus on customer service. “Innovation has been the hallmark of every aspect of the MARS product suite and we are continuously investing in enhancing it,” concludes Oprendek.

Mars Sales Focus Solution

San Francisco, CA

Tom Oprendek, Vice President

Enhance the value of SalesForce CRM with data integration, visualization and advanced analytics

Mars Sales Focus Solution