McCrometer : Delivering Flow Instrumentation with Accuracy

Gianmaria Curatolo, Business Development Manager
Gas flow measurement is crucial for quantifying the volume of oil and gas sold to a buyer across the supply chain. This has subsequently increased the demand for reliable and accurate measurement solutions that can help measure oil and gas across limited installation spaces, disturbed flow, high turndowns, wet gas, or dirty and abrasive fluids. Pioneering the designing, manufacturing, installing, and testing of flow metering solutions is McCrometer. The company develops innovative, high-quality, precision flow meters for the most demanding liquid, steam, and gas measurement industry applications for clients worldwide. In addition, it offers differential pressure, electromagnetic, and propeller flowmeters for instrument, process, facility, and consulting engineers. Going beyond just offering flowmeters, McCrometer also delivers built-in remote meter reading, a comprehensive choice of wireless remote monitoring, and highly intelligent modules for seamless communication.

As a pioneer in the oil and gas industry, McCrometer is one of the first companies to develop a flow metering solution to read gases in conditions when there is humidity in the flow. During the production of gases, it is normal to have liquid content in the flow, which can cause an overestimation of the readings and result in the misallocation of the produced gas from the wells. Using its proprietary algorithms, the company has helped clients get better readings under these conditions and collect consistent data for billing and allocation purposes. McCrometer has also developed specific calculations and algorithms to help national oil companies measure critical CO2 used for Enhanced Oil Recovery. Since critical CO2 gas has the same density as its liquid form, its flow characteristics are very complex to capture.Using the flow simulation software, McCrometer developed a model to test this behavior, validated the model through real flow tests at an independent flow lab. Using these results, McCrometer produced an algorithm to solve this measurement challenge when implemented with its patented V-Cone technology.

We believe that continuous development of our technical know-how, co-engineering, data analysis, management, and digitalization are critical for the energy sector and we are shaping our company to support these needs

As a technology expert in flow instrumentation, McCrometer supports National Oil companies, EPC, and contractors as the energy sector is reshaping to adapt to new trends in LNG, gas, carbon capture, EOR, low carbon commitments, net-zero, and hydrogen supply chain. The company’s R&D and business development directors work closely with clients to gather market feedback and continuously improve and innovate its products and services to meet their evolving needs.

Founded in 1955 by two brothers Floyd and Loyd McCall, McCrometer kicked off by assisting the local water district that needed a durable and robust flowmeter. By 1996, the company became a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation, one of the prominent global leaders in science and technology innovations. McCrometer has only expanded since then by catering to diverse markets, including oil and gas, aerospace, agriculture, metals and mining, and municipal water, among others. “Our company is founded on two core principles — listening to customers to truly understand their problems that they need to solve and innovating unique solutions for them,” states Gianmaria Curatolo, the Business Development Manager at McCrometer. The company will continue to support clients in changing economic scenarios and market dynamics. “We believe that continuous development of our technical know-how, co-engineering, data analysis, management, and digitalization are critical for the energy sector and we are shaping our company to support these needs,” concludes Curatolo.


Hemet, CA

Gianmaria Curatolo, Business Development Manager

Founded in 2014, the company has designed a comprehensive oilfield operations software platform focusing on people in operations, the source of data, and the information that businesses rely on to make decisions. The holistic, easy-to-use solution replaces multiple disparate systems and ensures optimal user experience while allowing clients to make real-time decisions. The company relies on its world-class software engineering team that has extensive domain experience and knowledge. They understand every nook and corner of this specific vertical and channelize that wisdom for the betterment of clients—and the industry as a whole