Measured: Actionable Insights for Smart Media and Marketing Investments

Trevor Testwuide, Co-Founder and CEO
With a multitude of established and emerging media channels to choose from, it has become more important than ever for companies, advertisers, and marketers to identify and prioritize those channels that drive the most value. This is easier said than done, given that data generated from each channel has its nuances. Bringing cross-channel marketing data applying incrementality measurement,and presenting performance in an apples-to-apples way has turned out to be a massive challenge, especially for financial services companies who are generally big spenders of paid media. Unfortunately, as marketers look across a buffet of options to connect with their target audience, they suffer the plight of dealing with disparate media platforms whose performance reports don’treconcile to each other. To optimally allocate media investments, marketersneed to have aunified view, a single source of truth,revealing return on spend across all online and offline media channels. Delivering just that is California-based Measured. "Our goal is inform marketing investment decisions byrevealing the true incremental contribution of media channels and tacticsto sales," says Trevor Testwuide, Co-Founder and CEO, Measured.

As a marketing measurement and investment decision technology provider, Measured provides a single source of truth to support marketers' financial and marketing decisions. Measured empowers marketers to focus on the high-value media decisions that drive customer acquisition based on incremental metrics.

Providing a blend of financial and marketing strategies, the company measures the efficacy or the incremental contribution of paid media channels, campaigns, and tactics. It then applies those measurement insights to help clients make smart investment decisions.

The Measured platform facilitates transparent experimentation across all media channels and tactics to help marketers optimize their media investments and attract potential customers. The Measured platform operates in three different layers.

Our goal is to inform marketing investment decisions byrevealing the true incremental contribution of media to sales

The foundational layer is the data layer, where thedata is collected and organized in a marketing data warehouse purpose-built for analytics. Secondly, the platform handles the complex heavy lifting of cross-channel data management and continuous data quality validation to inform accurate and trusted measurements. Lastly, Measured serves as a source of truth—a record system for cross channel media reporting and investment decisions measured with incrementality coefficients.

Measured informs the contribution of low funnel marketing tactics and gives a measured result in incrementality percentage increase. In effect, the company works as a growth analytics platform. "We help clients understand the true influence of different media tactics," mentions Testwuide. Owing to its value proposition, the company has catered to renowned Fintech companies such as Afterpay and Tally to help them spend more efficiently on paid media tactics to drive growth.

As financial technology and services companies rapidly transition toward digitalization in the wake of COVID-19, Measured has been at the forefront to help them improve their paid media tactics and drive growth. Assisting clients in their marketing investments has translated to Measured's success—attaining a significant growth in its business by over 250 percent. As the market grapples with the transition of entities like Google and Facebook away from user-level tracking and targeting to audience-based targeting, Measured wasprepared for this moment. The technology was built to be agile and the company can adapt its strategies to changes in the market. The future looks bright for Measured.


Santa Monica, CA

Trevor Testwuide, Co-Founder and CEO

Measured is a media portfolio management tool that empowers marketers to focus on the high-value media mix decisions that drive customer acquisition based on incremental metrics.