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David Bay, Co-Founder & CEO
Merchant Centric pioneered the science of leveraging online customer reviews to drive performance and revenues for businesses. The company’s expertise is combining customer feedback with a business’s internal sales data to identify what matters most. Merchant Centric combines data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help enterprises discover the hidden value within their customers’ feedback and extend customers’ experiences of their brands beyond their stores. “We offer a complete suite of online customer engagement management solutions including: Industry leading analytics, reputation management platforms, enterprise reporting, and managed services,” says Adam Leff, Co-founder, Merchant Centric.

“We follow a three-step strategy to reveal value-driven information and help clients see their performance status: Listening and engaging customers, understanding their brand experiences, and taking meaningful action,” remarks David Bay, Co-founder and CEO, Merchant Centric. The firm’s STARS enterprise platform aggregates customer feedback from top social sites for businesses and their local competitors, making it easy to understand and address concerns, while gaining instant answers to business questions. “Engaging with customers is now table stakes for most businesses to compete in their marketplaces. The next step is leveraging the feedback and understanding customers at scale. That’s where Merchant Centric’s industry leading analytics and massive data have helped us leapfrog what others are providing,” says Bay.

Merchant Centric has aggregated a vast data repository consisting of over 350 million reviews collected for 25 million businesses. “With our advanced data aggregation technology and patented curating algorithms, we update almost 1.8 billion pieces of information monthly and make it meaningful for our clients; including easy access to competitor information,” asserts Leff.
Adam Leff, Co-Founder
Further, Merchant Centric’s Business Performance Analytics uses a proprietary AI theme engine to convert unstructured review content and star-ratings into 44 understandable themes and sentiments. These themes roll up into the 5 key aspects of Product, Price, Service, Staff and Surroundings. Meaning, clients know what causes one-star and five-star experiences across their enterprise, and can take action, with surgical precision, to drive sales. With this revolutionary view into organic customer feedback, combined with businesses’ internal transaction data, enterprises identify valuable insights to focus the organization and take actions to beat the competition.

With the social data already present, the STARS platform is customizable for clients’ organization structure, roles and permissions, and deployed in under a week. Further, “Our managed services are ready to handle customer concerns on our clients’ behalf,” posits Bay. Backed by a group of engagement specialists, the firm has already engaged a whopping 60,000 customers of clients and is on track to double that count this year.

Merchant Centric is a guiding light to a large client base across industries spanning hospitality, automotive services, medical and various franchises. Testimonials are ample; a major automotive company with hundreds of locations nationally, credits Merchant Centric with a half-star customer ratings’ increase; contributing to revenue growth of almost 4 percent—a significant increase for an organization this large. “Clients using our platform consistently see gains when using Merchant Centric; they increase their review velocity, increase the amount of 4 and 5 star ratings, and with more satisfied customers, increase sales” notes Bay.

“We look at everything from our clients’ perspective to determine how it can help enhance their business outcomes. We call this being ‘Merchant Centric’ and this is core to our values and beliefs,” postulates Bay. With an impressive track record, the firm is partnering with other leading technology companies to advance customer-intelligence based solutions. Watch for their upcoming Spotlight Report with real-time theme reporting and Intelligent Surveys.

Merchant Centric

Westlake Village, CA

David Bay, Co-Founder & CEO and Adam Leff, Co-Founder

Develops customer engagement and analytic solutions using artificial intelligence and massive data to view enterprise performance and identify optimal business actions

Merchant Centric