MESMERIZE: Serving The Community Through Targeted Patient Education

Gregory Leibert, CEO
Ensuring informed healthcare decision-making relies heavily on patient education. New York-based Mesmerize is a media company dedicated to connecting people to valuable information, resources and tools that empower them to proactively manage their health and improve their sense of well-being. Mesmerize provides patient education to health-conscious consumers within its national network of doctors’ and dental offices, retail pharmacies, AIDS service organizations (ASOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs). Rounding out the Mesmerize portfolio, the company also offers transit and place-based advertising opportunities on and in busses and in cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, laundromats, and financial service centers. The Mesmerize approach is to provide targeted messaging everywhere a patient goes on their path to health and wellness, as well as at multiple touchpoints throughout their everyday lives, creating highly actionable media strategies at scale for advertisers.

The company offers targeted patient education materials including wallboards and posters, literature distribution, branded medical essentials, mobile integration services, and since 2019, a dynamic digital solution that reaches millions of patients and consumers on a monthly basis. Mesmerize “turns waiting time into learning time” by disseminating health and wellness media coupled with condition- and disease-specific information to patients and caregivers in waiting rooms, exam rooms, and retail pharmacies nationwide. Mesmerize partners with leading pharmaceutical, government, healthcare consumer brands, and wellness clients to raise awareness of available management, prevention, and treatment options, giving patients the ability to understand their diseases and conditions, and empowering them to have a conversation with their healthcare provider and take control of their health.

Over the last few years, Mesmerize has evolved into a technology-focused business by building scalable technology that delivers targeted messaging via a crosschannel engagement solution. The company’s digital signage platform is uniquely positioned to deliver relevant media to patients, customers and caregivers targeted by practice, pharmacy, geography, demographic, season, or health condition.

To further ensure the right messaging is reaching the right audiences, Mesmerize produces and curates their content in-house and offers all of the healthcare practices and pharmacies within their network full-service video production resources.
Mesmerize works directly with its venue partners to create messaging important to their patients and customers and promote location-specific specialty services such as flu shot reminders and COVID-19 vaccination information. Mesmerize works closely with the ASOs & CBOs within its network to connect underserved communities, including those living with HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis, to important information about STI testing, prevention, and treatment. "Mesmerize harnesses the power of its technology to educate and optimize engagement throughout the patient journey," says Gregory Leibert, CEO of Mesmerize. "The Mesmerize experience ties together the human element with the technology and data.”

We strive to provide competitive advantage through digital business transformation that enables operational excellence, seamless customer experience, new business models, and revenue stream

In line with its “everything in-house” approach, Mesmerize also develops its own technology and has a team of developers consistently pushing the envelope to help streamline and optimize its delivery and operational systems to ensure the platform drives consistent digital communication to highly targeted audiences. The company is in the process of adding new technology solutions to its ecosystem to enhance patient engagement and provide deeper analytics about patient and consumer habits. By harnessing the power of Salesforce and developing highly customized applications to connect its operational, content management, and customer analytics systems, Mesmerize is able to deliver a clear picture of the patient journey for advertisers. The addition of QR codes to printed educational materials allows patients to interact with Mesmerize’s online health content hub on their mobile device and Mesmerize to track engagements by user and location. "No two locations are alike in the Mesmerize network. We continue to build our data operations, research and analytics to know more and more about the habits of the consumers entering each one of Mesmerize’s locations and the interactions they have during their visit," says Leibert. Mesmerize further collaborates with key third-party data providers to optimize intelligence and ensure effective reach of audience with zero wasted impressions. They also work with third-party auditors to certify campaign delivery and results, ensuring that they deliver what they have committed to their advertisers and partners.

Forging ahead, Mesmerize is focused on continually evolving its platform and is in the process of adding programmatic advertising onto its screens. The company is also focused on new business, partnerships and acquisitions in the point of care space and beyond.


New York, NY

Gregory Leibert, CEO

Mesmerize is a media company dedicated to connecting people with valuable information, resources, and tools that empower them to manage their health and improve their lives proactively