Metropolis: Simplifying Monitoring Solutions for Contact Centers

Marcela Umana, COO
Metropolis Corp is blazing a trail to meet the unfulfilled needs of the informal contact center. With ‘customer experience’ remaining a core concern for the foreseeable future, businesses are continually adapting the latest technology to analyze customer feedback and identify opportunities to improve customer engagement. This has never been more true than within the informal contact center, those businesses that house a help desk, service department, or sales team charged with customer care but not designed with traditional ‘agents’ in a call center setting. These niche centers need to identify callers in queue, manage agent activities, and track call statistics in a visual environment in the same manner as enterprise-level call centers, but without the complex installation and maintenance a traditional contact center requires.

A provider of easy-to-use tracking and reporting software solutions, Metropolis recognized that their dynamic suite of reporting products was not enough to meet those requirements. Released in 2016, QLive empowers business users to take advantage of the inherent hunt groups and native queues that are already included with their existing phone. Best of all, QLive users do not need a formal education in configuring skill groups, ACDs, IVRs, and other complex routing algorithms to glean visual insight into the activities of their agents. Even small contact centers that do not utilize an ACD can manage their agent performance and monitor call routes and trending metric live from data visualizations within QLive. Within a matter of minutes, QLive can be installed and operational whereas a traditional call center solution can take weeks or months to implement.

QLive enables supervisors, CIOs, agents and general business users the ability to customize dashboards for viewing their specific workgroups. Examples include measuring key performance indicators (KPIs), unique workflows and triggering alerts when trends are identified, and thresholds are breached. By responding to these alerts, managers can immediately react to the situation and formulate necessary adjustments.

Metropolis uses seamless integrations with PBXes, including Cisco and Avaya Unified Communications Solutions (UCS) which make the voice network visible.

Metropolis is inventing the informal contact center space with a suite of complementary products that cost-effectively and efficiently solve everyday business problems

Through call reporting, 911 alerts, and real-time monitoring through wallboards, dashboards, and recordings, Metropolis helps CIOs view their entire network of general business users and call center agents with minimal effort. QLive also has auxiliary features and deployment options such as scalable agent licensing agent and queue cradle to grave reporting, and cloud offerings.

In one instance, a global seafood farming enterprise opted against an expensive contact center solution such as UCCX, having already invested in a Cisco UC Manager platform that had call routing and essential queuing features. They required a cost-effective solution to monitor their hunt pilots and visually track customer service agents activity in real-time.

After installation, QLive generated live wallboards to manage the enterprise’s hunt pilots for all its secondary brands and identify the available agents assigned to handle calls through them. QLive also enabled the management team to oversee the agents’ activities and availabilities as well as aggregate performance data, combining the live call streams and agent reports.

Metropolis has already released two significant product innovations this year. First is the introduction of SIPRec, their call recording product that compliments QLive and XT Telemanagement. The second is the addition of UCCX integration with QLive to enable the solution to provide dashboards and CSQ wallboards without the expense of Cisco Finesse or other third-party gadgets. Metropolis is determined to continue addressing the growing needs of the contact center arena and adding new features to QLive, new reports, and further integration options for its customers.


Fort Lauderdale, FL

Marcela Umana, COO

Develops applications that provide call center data visualizations, alert notifications, dynamic call reporting, toll fraud detection and trunk analysis tools