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Jason Parkman, CEO
A decade ago, legal departments primarily fed work to outside counsel. Today, the emphasis is on achieving those results in a cost-effective way, forcing legal departments to be judicious in outsourcing work while handling the right work efficiently in-house. In this pursuit of expanding their responsibilities while ensuring that the right work is allocated to the right resources at the right time, legal departments are employing technology to maintain high-quality work and manage a portfolio of resources that includes in-house, outside counsel, and an array of alternative service providers. The frontrunner enabling this shift in approach is Mitratech, a proven technology partner with a hands-on approach to transforming the legal department through its end-to-end legal management software suite.

“Technology is a force multiplier to bringing visibility, predictability, and control to an organization’s legal and compliance work. We empower legal teams with the right technology to manage all their matters with the same level of confidence in control, no matter what type of staffing model the client has chosen to use,” says Jason Parkman, Mitratech CEO.

Mitratech sets the standard for enterprise legal management with its TeamConnect platform, which enables legal professionals to assign work, communicate with outside counsel, solicit bids and develop budgets, as well as improve management of the entire legal process, whether related to litigation, advice, or contracts. TeamConnect also facilitates invoice management and automatic enforcement of billing guidelines that has been proven to regularly save clients 6 to 10 percent on total legal spend. Enterprises can go paperless in their legal departments by managing all the matters, documents, and electronic signatures within the TeamConnect platform.

As the success of the legal department is increasingly determined by its ability to be a strategic partner to the rest of the organization, Mitratech’s TAP workflow automation software allows legal to efficiently work with departments across the organization.
“Initiating a new matter request is as easy as filling a form on the company’s intranet,” says Parkman, “Matters are automatically queued to be reviewed by legal, and initiating colleagues are kept up to date on matter status automatically.” TAP integrates with TeamConnect, creating a single system for managing legal matters and collaboration across the enterprise.

We innovate to stay ahead of the change our customers are experiencing and are committed to transforming the legal industr y as roles expand and demands increase to do more with less

Parkman mentioned a major insurance carrier that was looking for a comprehensive, in-house solution that would gain efficiency, drive down spending on outside law firms, and create a paperless legal department. TeamConnect addressed the entire problem set, allowing the client to bring down total spend, save millions of dollars, go paperless, and automate legal processes in-house.

Mitratech delivers its solutions in the U.S., Europe and APAC. “We want to meet our customers where they are on the globe,” says Parkman. “Our customers increasingly need their provider to understand the complexities of an international business environment, including multi-lingual, multi-tax, and multi-currency needs.”

After 30 years, the Mitratech team continues to move its technology forward, with a focus on user experience, real-time business intelligence, and seamless integration with other systems of record for their clients. Parkman concludes by saying, “The expectation today is that a legal management platform should provide a comprehensive view of a client’s work, and that users shouldn’t need a lot of training to get their work done. That’s why we are focused on creating a simple and intuitive user experience that brings everything together in a single place for our clients.”

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Mitratech Announces Addition to Its TAP Workflow Automation to Expedite Legal Operations

Legal departments today manage the work efficiently in-house than feeding work to some outside counsel like in the past. However, a proven technology partner like Mitratech can only help legal firms in pursuing the vision of enabling this shift and expanding their responsibilities. In the recent development, Mitratech, the pioneering provider of legal, compliance, and operational risk software solutions, has announced at CLOC 2019 the new capabilities and benefits for its fast-growing community of customers using TAP Workflow Automation to automate and innovate legal processes. Read More


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Jason Parkman, CEO

Offers an enterprise-level legal management platform and workflow automation tool that brings visibility, predictability, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency across legal operations