Mobica: Tech Talent-as-a-Service for a New Era of Innovation

Gary Butters, Chief Revenue Officer Separating the physical and digital worlds is becoming increasingly more difficult. From how people drive their cars to how engineers develop products in the semiconductor space, most physical tasks are augmented with digital experiences using software solutions.

This was echoed at last year’s Intel Innovation event where CEO and SVP, Patrick P. Gelsinger and CTO and GM of the Software and Advanced Technology Group (SATG), Greg Lavender at Intel, joked about this new reality. Lavender stated, “Software is the soul of the machine.” Without the performance, efficient, and reliable implementation of software, drivers, and libraries, new products won’t succeed.

As a leader in the software services space, Mobica, a global software engineering services specialist, understands this better than anyone else and is skilled in translating those needs into working code.

Since 2004, Mobica has been driving expertise in helping clients build software that combines the physical and digital worlds, creating a pioneering journey for their customers. To this end, the company offers software engineering and development capabilities through Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS) to businesses building unique products and services for tomorrow’s world.

“We are a community of over 700 skilled and world-class engineers with a wide spectrum of technology skills in the classic C, C++, embedded, graphic drivers, UI/UX, machine learning, and more,” states Gary Butters, Chief Revenue Officer at Mobica.

Be Extraordinary: The Mobica Way

Mobica’s team of talented experts have supported clients from concept to creation to testing in its pursuit of excellence. The company’s comprehensive, cross-sector, and cross-technology experience, sense of camaraderie, and team ethos enable them to bring motivated engineering teams to customers. They have undertaken projects of all shapes and sizes, like setting up wireless connectivity for a machine learning silicon platform (BSP support) or enabling platform application development for a major chip-maker within an automotive domain. No matter the need, the Mobica team is keen to embrace the challenge of making their clients successful.

The company ensures this customer success is achieved by following a highly detailed protocol. Given the complexities associated with the delivery cycle, Mobica begins by deeply analysing all dimensions—technical, managerial, business and commercial— to ensure delivery success for their customers. The Mobica team will then obtain a complete and nuanced picture of this lifecycle, leading them to understand the actual goals driving customers’ actions. This puts the company in the right position to engage with clients, by putting forward a feasible plan to meet their real objectives.

Driving Excellence with Collaboration

Mobica’s collaborative approach enables it to build an intimate bond with its customers and serve as a long-term trusted partner, helping them get a product out on time. For instance, the company worked with one of the world’s largest and most respected semiconductor manufacturers to support their involvement in open-source technologies, FreeBSD and Linux, for their Cryptographic and Compression accelerators.
Team Mobica collaborated with their management to truly understand their needs from a commercial and technical perspective and executed on the project while maintaining flexibility to adapt to their ever-changing needs.

Mobica is also recognised for its contribution to the Vulkan graphics standardisation efforts to define modern Graphics API. This was primarily focused on the Conformance Test Suites used to validate implementations across the industry. The company’s expertise also entails engaging with companies designing GPUs to deliver standards-compliant drivers for OpenGL. It helps clients with cryptography and compression acceleration, developing drivers, contributing to open-source integrations, and making custom datacenter applications for end-customers. Mobica has also collaborated with the largest semiconductor company on its networking products. Its contributions to the ETSI standard on Mobile Edge Computing—defining and developing execution environments for applications on the edge of mobile networks—has allowed novel use cases, such as private wireless and acceleration of packet processing with reduced latency.

The Competitive Edge

“Our edge is the ‘Mobica Magic Sauce’—a unique combination of top-class engineering with ‘extra mile’ mindset, flexibility, commitment, customer-first approach, working culture, and ethos,” says Butters. “At Mobica, we always believe in working in partnership with customers and focusing on problem-solving.”

Mobica’s ability and willingness to overcome the most complex challenges facing clients is attributed to its team of experts with deep technology expertise across the software stack combined with personal drive to overcome the challenges. When clients work with Mobica, they collaborate with a team of proactive and talented people who are well-versed in the technological landscape and can deliver creative and innovative solutions. This team enables the company to provide customers with access to extensive specialist knowledge across multiple sectors, including automotive, semiconductor, connected devices, fintech, marine, and more. With its team spread across multiple international locations, Mobica can give better access to something that’s hard to find; capabilities, diverse software skills and extensive industry experience at an affordable cost. Most of its talent is based in Europe, with a significant presence in Silicon Valley, the epicenter of tech advancement.

"We are a community of over 700 skilled people with a wide spectrum of technology skills in the classic C, C++, embedded, graphic drivers, UI/UX, machine learning, and more"

The team at Mobica masters the skill of flexibility, delivering customised services and solutions that meet clients’ varying needs. The company can collaborate with clients in different ways—by providing technical specialists or taking full accountability of their projects. All of its services seamlessly integrate with clients’ existing processes. By building talented teams as quickly as they are needed, Mobica helps clients stay agile and competitive while also allowing them to scale up their operations. Team Mobica works on-site or remotely, or takes a hybrid approach, providing clients with the mix of resources that will best meet their needs.

Working with Mobica also reduces the need for clients to coordinate with multiple service providers or contractors, eliminating time and cost inefficiencies. At their side when the client needs them, Mobica maximises productivity by leveraging its tried-and-tested methods for boosting team performance and wellbeing. As part of its “customer success” approach, the company has built organisational processes and team structures that put customers at the heart of the Mobica culture.
As a result, clients can join hands with them, ensuring that their goals become Mobica’s, and that their success has top priority.

A Trusted Partner for Leading Players

Over the course of its work, Mobica has partnered with some of the world’s most successful organisations, across all sectors; companies like BMW, ARM, Meta, Google, CoreAVI, ABB, Cirrus Logic, Samsung, and more. They all trust Mobica to provide the service they need and engage in long-term relationships. The company recently collaborated with A-Safe, a leading manufacturer of industrial barriers, helping them prevent or limit damage to industrial sites, equipment, and vehicles. Due to rapid customer’s business growth, the existing paper-based process for sales offer preparation and product solution development had become inefficient and inconsistent. Mobica worked closely with A-Safe on understanding and documenting their processes, and proposed, designed, and implemented a business support system solution, featuring field sales support applications, proposal solution development tooling, automated BOM calculation and direct ERP integration.

Our edge is the ‘Mobica Magic Sauce’—a unique combination of top-class engineering with ‘extra mile’ mindset, flexibility, commitment, customer-first approach, working culture, and ethos

In another instance, Mobica partnered with an American subsea engineering solutions provider, Oceaneering, who was seeking to dramatically improve the software User Interface for submersible ROV pilots. The aim was to propose a new, modern ROV Pilot UI, benefiting from multi-screen high-resolution displays, 3D rendered models, graphics, and other improvements. Mobica performed an in-depth analysis of the UI use cases, carried out numerous interviews with operators and collected a substantial volume of feedback, which allowed to pin-point legacy UI problems and bottlenecks. Based on this material, Mobica worked with the client to prepare new UI specifications. It allowed for more focused operations, thanks to a mission-status-aware UI layout, more structured and more easily accessible information, and modern user interaction patterns. Mobica also implemented a prototype UI, which was enthusiastically received by the ROV operators.

A Foundation for Future Innovations

Mobica’s successes are not just limited to a few cases. There are numerous instances where the company has proved its innovation excellence. Team Mobica has actively participated in many technological “firsts” in the market, including its work in early mobile technologies development, like J2ME and Symbian s60. The company was involved in developing the first commercial Android device, the HTC Dream/Era G1, in close cooperation with T-Mobile. Currently, modern cross-platform mobile applications developed in-house often complement larger systems and end-to-end solutions delivered by Mobica.

In the space sector, Mobica worked with Airbus (defense and space division) for the European Space Agency to develop onboard flight software and independent flight software verification and validation. The project was dedicated to MetOp SG Earth Observation and JUICE Deep Space missions. Mobica-developed software will fly to the stars in early 2023 and 2024.

With many more similar achievements in the list—Facebook Portal, the Google JACQARD project, next-gen VR headsets, and AR projector— Mobica is positioning itself as a powerhouse of future innovations that can bring significant, welcome disruptions to our way of life.


Manchester, UK

Gary Butters, Chief Revenue Officer

Mobica is a global software services company that drives expertise in helping clients build software that brings physical and digital worlds together, creating a pioneering journey for their customers. The company offers software engineering and development capabilities through Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS) to businesses building amazing products and services for tomorrow’s world