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Brian Lanehart, Co-Founder, and President
Gone are the days when people had to wait in long lines, fill out forms, and undergo various screenings to access loans. The way consumers access information and interact with financial services providers has completely changed. Now, consumers have a multitude of options at their disposal. They can apply for loans online or through mobile applications without the hassle of making a trip to a financial institution. This has made lending services more accessible than ever! Lenders must have an equally convenient system if they want to survive and thrive in this new digital environment.

This is where Momnt comes into the picture.

Momnt makes embedded lending simple, fast, and affordable. The innovative lending solution enables merchants to offer affordable and seamless financial services to their customers at the moment of need, which in turn helps them grow their business and increase their revenue. When Momnt is part of payment conversations at the kitchen table or doctor’s office, it connects lenders, merchants, and consumers seamlessly and quickly through the loan process. Momnt invites lenders and merchants to join those conversations and offer consumers the convenient loan products they demand.

Using technologies like AI and machine learning, Momnt helps lenders understand what their customers are looking for. Lenders can reach customers when they need to using the company’s API-driven platforms that offer real-time visibility into financial processes while managing the complex risk appetite of the lender — all in real-time.

In today’s competitive world, finding customers and meeting their needs in real-time is crucial to get their business and gain their trust. Momnt does so with ease by extending the market reach of lenders and banks. “We enable lenders to execute a swift customer onboard and deliver a real-time approval. This makes decisions instant and onboarding efficient, making all parties happy,” says Brian Lanehart, Co-Founder, and President of Momnt.

Merchants and providers are paid in real-time when consumers transact on their loans, a stark contrast to traditional models where the payment cycle typically takes five to seven days or does not occur until a project is complete.
This gives merchants and providers access to funds quickly and allows them to control their cash flow — a critical challenge for many merchants and providers.

Momnt has worked with financial institutions, merchants, and providers of all sizes. Impressively, Momnt has been able to help clients increase their ticket size without increasing overhead — while lenders generate a fixed return that helps them grow by gaining more consumers and putting their deposits to work.

Lending solutions by Momnt are built from the ground up, keeping the interest of lenders, borrowers, and merchants at the core. This is reflected in the characteristics of its lending platform, which is highly secure and compliant with laws and regulations. On the borrower’s side, Momnt gives complete control to consumers — no transactions can be made on the platform without their explicit approval.

Momnt was designed to maximize efficiencies in lending, adhering to rigorous standards and focusing on continuous improvement. That’s an important distinction from traditional lending institutions that are adapting to modern technology

Momnt has an extra layer of security to its lending platform. It uses third-party software for data collection to perform real time risk analysis on merchants and consumers. This is done to evaluate what loan offers consumers receive based on their needs and creditworthiness.

Momnt is an innovative solution that constantly analyzes the data it receives and adds features accordingly. Making this possible are the talented and experienced people working behind the scenes. They are skilled and well-informed, keeping tabs on industry trends, the latest technologies, and growing market gaps. Because of its intelligent and efficient team, Momnt quickly adapts to the changing market and consistently delivers excellence to lenders, merchants, and borrowers.


Atlanta, Georgia

Brian Lanehart, Co-Founder, and President

Momnt powers modern lending solutions for businesses to provide low-friction, affordable financing to their customers at the moment of need.