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Mitch Black, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Device. The resurgence of the BYOD trend has prompted several U.S. states to introduce new legislation to ensure fair and accurate compensation for employees’ devices and internet use for business purposes. Navigating these complex regulations is often a daunting task for businesses, owing to their reliance on traditional approaches and the lack of necessary tools for BYOD management. A perfect example of this can be found in the case of flat stipends that are taxed on both the giving and receiving end when they exceed de minimis thresholds, costing organizations and employees. Employee-driven expense reporting, on the other hand, creates a high administrative burden and often results in overpayments.

While these models are still widely used globally, they often prove subpar in accommodating the growing number of employee-owned tools in action. As such, companies today require a more efficient and reliable employee reimbursement program that can save their bottom line and increase employee experience and satisfaction.

This is where Motus makes a world of difference.
As a leader in frictionless reimbursement solutions for mobile workforce, Motus offers a hassle-free BYOD mobility program with its robust device management platform. The company alleviates the hardships of managing hybrid teams and reimbursing fairly as they use personal devices to propel businesses forward.

“Our first-of-its-kind, cloud-based platform and proprietary suite of software helps simplify the reimbursement and management of devices, vehicles, work, and living costs by providing greater visibility and unified oversight across expenses,” says Mitch Black, EVP & GM of Device at Motus.

The Motus platform uses meaningful data points to accurately and efficiently calculate reimbursements and generate reports that help clients take command of anywhere workforce expenses—from claim to payment. The flexible platform serves businesses, regardless of their size, and can be quickly and easily configured according to their ever-changing requirements. This way, it ensures that clients’ reimbursement programs are agile, scalable, and compliant.

An All-Inclusive Platform for Mobility Needs

The Motus platform calculates scalable, individualized reimbursements that include localized carrier and ownership costs across clients’ entire workforce. Platform automation lifts the burden off IT departments by integrating with their existing human resource information system (HRIS). The solution’s simple and intuitive user interface (UI) allows clients to quickly access asset and reimbursement information to drive operational efficiency and cost savings.

What lies at the core of the Motus platform is the fixed and variable rate reimbursement (FAVR) methodology—primarily used to reimburse employees who use their vehicles for work. The technology accounts for both the fixed and variable costs of employees’ devices. It includes device ownership costs, plan fees, state taxes, activation fees, depreciation, and insurance.
The Motus solution also scales reimbursements to align with people’s job role requirements, creating an accurate approach.

The platform also drives compliance with federal and state labor laws. It aggregates cost factors, evaluates device usage, and substantiates reimbursements specific to each employee’s job role and geographic location. For example, reimbursements for two employees with the same job role in two different states will be different and evaluated based on the law in their domicile state. With its ability to collect millions of data points, the solution excels in creating each individual’s location-based reimbursement.

What makes Motus one of the most sought-after partners for BYOD management is its ability to manage BYOD programs and corporate devices simultaneously. Through a single pane of glass, the platform allows organizations to oversee both corporate and personal devices, expense management, procurement, and the full lifecycle of each device. The solution helps clients meet the unique requirements associated with employee fairness and taxation benefit, contributing to greater ROI.

The Motus platform also extends its capabilities to address security and policy-related issues that often plague clients’ operations in today’s hybrid workspace. Employees who use their unprotected personal devices for work put organizational data and personally identifiable information (PII) at risk. Built on a multi-tenant, service-oriented architecture, the Motus platform is secured by advanced security validated by a SOC2 audit and privacy technologies that protect sensitive data and automate compliance with stringent data protection regulations. In essence, it serves as a one-stop reimbursement platform that addresses clients’ varying mobility needs that range from compensating the workforce to implementing a company-owned device program from policy configuration to enforcement.

The Real-Life Manifestation of Value

The robust capabilities of its platform have made Motus a partner of choice for many organizations committed to workplace agility. The company’s clientele include Fortune 500 organizations and SMBs across various industry verticals, including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and construction. Motus recently collaborated with a leading player in the pharmaceutical industry with thousands of employees in their sales team. The client was using Motus’ vehicle FAVR solution, and was also facing several challenges in evaluating its employees’ mobile usage and home internet expenses.

“Our Platform Provides Significant Tax and Compliance Benefits by Ensuring That Employees are Compensated Fairly and Accurately”

The pharmaceutical company needed a solution that could provide fair and reasonable reimbursements to their employees—something the Motus platform excels at. The company’s solution for BYOD management that includes both mobile device and home internet enabled the client to streamline employee compensation initiatives. It also empowered the client to save nearly $4.4 million in annual tax and provide automatic reimbursements to the employees’ accounts.

In another instance, Motus helped a prominent retailer save approximately $10 million in annual tax payments. This client had a significantly large anywhere workforce that relied on personal and corporate devices to work.
Motus configured its platform to align well with the retailer’s hybrid work culture, helping them efficiently manage corporate and BYOD programs. By providing the retailer with greater visibility into their operations and device reimbursements, Motus helped them improve ROI and establish fair and strong relationships with employees.

Future-Proofing the Reimbursement Platform

The successful journey of Motus today is backed by its lineage that was created through the merger of two companies, Runzheimer and Corporate Reimbursement Services. Its initial business operation was centered around reimbursing employees for their vehicle use. As an agile technology-driven company, Motus was quick to identify and capitalize on the emerging demand for a solution to reimburse employees using their mobile devices for work. The company began to develop a proprietary technology to support the growing mobile workforce.

The vision solidified with the acquisition of two leading companies in the managed mobility space—Wireless Analytics and Vision Wireless. By leveraging their combined experience and expertise in FAVR and managed mobility space, Motus developed its novel reimbursement platform that aligned with its vision of empowering employers to manage their corporate devices and BYOD programs while also improving the employee experience. “Our platform provides significant tax and compliance benefits by ensuring that employees are compensated fairly and accurately,” says Black.

Our First-of-Its-Kind, Cloud-Based Platform and Proprietary Suite of Software Helps Simplify the Reimbursement and Management of Devices, Vehicles, Work, and Living Costs by Providing Greater Visibility and Unified Oversight Across Expenses

With innovation embedded in its DNA, Motus continues to develop new solutions and add capabilities to its existing platform to simplify the integration and onboarding processes. The company’s innovation lab is busy finalizing its integration with ServiceNow and other HRIS systems. Enhancing the efficiency of its payment processes is also a big part of the company’s product development agenda. Further, Motus will incorporate more stringent security features into its platform to ensure the complete protection of clients’ sensitive data.

As the workplace continues to evolve, highly scalable and customizable solutions have become essential. “We continue to build out our capabilities to provide a complete, streamlined solution from policy attestation to payments across BYOD, MMS, and hybrid environments,” says Black. Needless to say, these plans are rightly backed by a competent team that constantly seeks opportunities to help clients succeed, strive to achieve excellence, and deny succumbing to pressure.


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Mitch Black, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Device.

Motus is a leader in frictionless reimbursement solutions for mobile workforce that offers a hassle-free BYOD mobility program with its robust device management platform. The company alleviates the hardships of managing hybrid teams and reimbursing fairly as they use personal devices to propel businesses forward. Motus’ first-of-its-kind, cloud-based platform and proprietary suite of software help simplify the reimbursement and management of devices, vehicles, work, and living costs by providing greater visibility and unified oversight across expenses.