myCloudDoor: The SAP on Azure Expert

Marcos De Pedro, CEO
myCloudDoor has a collective employee experience of around 500 years working with large organizations deploying and migrating SAP landscapes. Holding such expertise, the company anticipates that the thousands of organizations worldwide running SAP would migrate to the cloud within the next decade. To this end, myCloudDoor helps clients migrate, deploy, and execute ECC, BW, S/4HANA, Hybris, and other SAP applications on Microsoft Azure. As iterated by Marcos De Pedro, the CEO of myCloudDoor, “We are a niche company, and with our combination of expertise in German SAP software and the best B2B Cloud Microsoft Azure, we help organizations survive in the digital world.”

Richly skilled in technical SAP deployments and integrations, myCloudDoor provides IT consulting and specialized services to big telecommunications, media, utilities, transportation, logistics, retail, industrial, insurance and banking organizations. Under the guidance of their global CTO, Jose Antonio Hernandez, a best-seller writer and consultant on how to deploy and migrate SAP since around 25 years, myCloudDoor has a clear understanding of SAP IT needs and evolving ECC, S/4HANA, Hybris, and Azure landscapes. This understanding augments the company’s capabilities to analyze, define, and execute any deployment or migration of SAP to Azure. myCloudDoor has launched to enable any organization to move to Azure to achieve cost reduction, scalability, and secure operating cloud environment.

Marcos enumerates the capabilities of myCloudDoor, “Our services facilitate the deployment or migration of S/4HANA in less than one hour.” The company can help clients migrate or deploy any SAP landscape on Azure either on homogeneous or heterogeneous migrations. myCloudDoor has also developed automatic tools like the Cloud Reference Architecture Robotic Process Automation (CRA-RPA) to help organizations audit and keep track of everything happening with their architecture and their resources deployed in the cloud. “The IT Revolution starts here——at myCloudDoor, the best SAP on Azure experts.”

The company helps clients realize various competitive advantages that the Azure offers like Azure Stack. With Azure, the clients can move 100 percent of their servers to the cloud, a unique aspect of the market. Such ability empowers the clients to set up the hybrid cloud with the same level of management capabilities as that in private and public clouds. myCloudDoor leverages Azure’s scale sets, containers, and serverless technology to automate scalable B2B, B2C, and B2B2C Hybris portals & SAP applications on the cloud.

The IT Revolution starts here—www.—at myCloudDoor, the best SAP on Azure experts

Marcos cites how the deployment of myCloudDoor helped two of its clients, Philips, the global lighting company, and Adveo, the stationery supplier. “myCloudDoor’s clever methodology and RPAs to migrate and deploy SAP, and audit the CRA make the migration project faster and much more reliable in comparison to traditional standard methodology as well as big consulting companies,” states Marcos. As a result, myCloudDoor enabled Philips to save a lot of time and cost. In the case of Adveo, myCloudDoor has migrated 100 percent of its IT infrastructure to Microsoft Azure, cutting running costs by more than 40 percent. myCloudDoor manages Adveo’s actual business in Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands, Belgium, the U.K., Italy, Spain, and Portugal. The company’s other global customers include Kyocera, Nestlé, Uptake, SIOS, Achmea, Repsol, Telefónica, and more.

“We chose Microsoft Azure as it is a leader in hybrid clouds and scalability on top of an intelligence cloud and intelligence edge that help foster AI applications, containers, and serverless computing,” says Marcos. The company plans to continue investing in their Gold Partnership with Microsoft on Azure and their RPAs as well. myCloudDoor is truly driven to increase digitalization, empower employees, engage customers, optimize operations, and transform products. With a global footprint, myCloudDoor has primary offices in USA (Florida), offices in Europe ( the Netherlands & Spain) and Middle East (Dubai), and is set to open offices in Colombia, Latin America.


Ft Lauderdale, FL

Marcos De Pedro, CEO and Jose Antonio Hernandez, CTO

myCloudDoor helps clients migrate, deploy, and execute ECC, BW, S/4Hana, Hybris, and other SAP applications on Microsoft Azure