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Kristian Samler, Chief Sales Officer
Today, business organizations are looking for a managed print solutions vendor that offers more than just take care of office printing needs. They want a partner who can look at their printing environment and processes more holistically and support the printing needs of all their departments, from legal and accounting to marketing and engineering. Against the backdrop of these trends, Czech Republic-based print management company MyQ has emerged as a maven in offering innovative printing solutions to businesses. The most striking aspect of MyQ is their personalization. Admins can customize a user’s print environment to suit their needs, which saves them time in utilizing multifunctional devices (MFD). MyQ’s highly-customizable solution lowers printing expenses and enhances the workflow to generate value from their overall printing operations. “MyQ’s philosophy is based on trust, that saving our user’s time means saving them money; which is exactly what our claim states: focus on what you do best! Everything done in MyQ from installation to the user’s daily tasks, is emphasized on maximizing user comfort and friendliness,” says Kristián Samler, Chief Sales Office at MyQ.

Delving more into the printing challenges faced by companies today, Samler notes that, most organizations use MFDs manufactured by multiple companies (multi-print environment) where user interfaces differ with every brand. To combat this challenge and imbue efficiency into the process, every MFD—regardless of brand—will have the same look and feel on any device equipped with the MyQ terminal. Aside from that, users can still enjoy the benefits of personalization and gain the ability to monitor and execute tasks, such as printing, copying, and scanning, across the printing environment in a single click.

That being said, MyQ’s versatility enables them to deploy their printing solution in organizations ranging from small startups to large corporations. Admins can leverage MyQ’s “device discovery utility” to find all the devices and automatically install MyQ within their printing environment, and get up and running in minutes. During set up, admins can define user preferences, rules, rights and quotas.

Admins can customize a user’s print environment to suit their needs, which saves them time at the multifunctional device (MFD)

If end users want to take customization even further, they can change minor settings, such as language, directly at the MFD.

In one instance, Samler shares how MyQ assisted a company in augmenting their printing environment to drive efficiency into the management of printing operations. Initially, the client was struggling to effectively manage their printing environment, which had more than 8,000 devices with varying software developed by different brands. The new supplier analyzed the printing environment and recognized the type of printing devices that would make the biggest impact on the client’s printing processes. Then, MyQ was implemented into the printing environment and the number of devices was reduced to 4700, helping the client seamlessly manage their reworked printer fleet, as well as saving a lot of time and money. The client managed to save 82 percent of the overall costs of managing their print environment over an eight-year period by using MyQ and efficient devices from the supplier.

Today, MyQ provides its innovative capabilities to multifunctional devices as well offering cutting-edge mobile printing functionality to optimize printing environments for end customers. Looking ahead, MyQ is planning to take its print solution to the cloud and provide it to clients through a subscription-based model. At the same time, the company is striving to bolster MyQ’s user experience by offering a deeper level of personalization and enhance the support services that ensure clients are able to make the most of MyQ’s solution. From the geographical standpoint, MyQ intends to expand its horizon beyond its branch offices in the U.K., France, Germany, Austria, Russia, Dubai, Singapore, and the U.S.


Prague, Czech Republic

Kristian Samler, Chief Sales Officer

MyQ’s software product lowers the printing expenses and improves the overall printing environment within client organizations. MyQ is a comprehensive on-premise print management solution that tracks devices, printing, copying, and scanning to maintain efficient operations. To imbue efficiency and time savings, MyQ provides a powerful tool for managed print services for numerous industries by offeringan incredible user-friendly interface, allowing end users to gain the ability to monitor and execute tasks across the printing environment with a single touch