NeoSystems Corp: Simplifying Business Processes with Workflow Automation

Michael Tinsley, President & CEO
With the rapid pace of the global economy, companies are relentlessly evolving and competing. Organizational leaders are intensely focused on automating workflows to optimize key business processes and maximize efficiencies to drive growth while lowering costs. One of the biggest challenges is integrating automated workflows with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The reason this is crucial to a company success is because paying its vendor (and accurately), billing customers, decreasing DSO and maintaining accurate financials is the foundation of all businesses. To tackle these challenges, NeoSystems provides strategic back office services and automates the workflow process entirely. This enables clients to simplify integration between systems, save valuable time and money, and achieve substantial growth.

“We help companies automate previously reactive/manual processes across core business functions. Automated workflow gets rid of silos, tying together systems and processes to make them proactive, responsive, and documented,” says Michael Tinsley, President and CEO, NeoSystems Corp. “NeoSystems partners with best-of-breed solutions and technology vendors to help enable, manage and secure our clients. We provide resources, tools and strategies to successfully automate core workflows such as billing, budgeting, time and expense, and others.” NeoSystems has successfully implemented automated workflows for:

• Accounts Payable, Billing Approvals
• Opportunity and Pursuit Approvals, Bid/No-Bid Decisions
• Contract Award Notification
• Project Charge Code Setup
• New Hire Onboarding
• New Client Onboarding (including sales, accounting, IT, departmental, and commission notifications)
• Client Referral Processing
• Financial Statement Approvals

After assessing customer requirements, NeoSystems identifies necessary integration with back office systems, including NetSuite, Costpoint, Saviom, ContractLogix and GovWin, or departmental areas such as accounts payable, billing, human capital management, time and expense, and resource planning. “By leveraging our arsenal of established workflow best practices, we can efficiently manage even the most complex implementations,” explains Tinsley.

NeoSystems empowers companies by implementing workflow automation tools like Integrify to solve business problems and lower costs by eliminating time-consuming tasks. NeoSystems has created productized toolsets to help clients capture documentation critical to audit compliance. Such rigorous documentation maintains the corporate audit trail and helps customers quickly trace multiple iterations of an approval.
The firm also trains enterprises on how to successfully use workflow automation’s powerful visualization capabilities to detect inefficiencies and pinpoint bottlenecks in approval processes. Visualization allows clients to graphically map process flows, which in turn enables auditors to quickly understand the business.

In addition, NeoSystems teaches clients to leverage Integrify’s alerting functionality, which helps companies to automatically increase reminders, notifications, timing, and escalations for contracts. The tool also facilitates secure document sharing with NeoSystems’ Managed Accounting Service (MAS) clients. “The system alerts clients when documents are ready for viewing and eliminates the risk of accidentally emailing files to the wrong person or exposing confidential information through email hacks,” explains Tinsley.

NeoSystems serves a wide range of businesses and nonprofits and has implemented workflow automation for:
• Contracts
• Proposals
• Accounting
• Billing
• Human capital
• Sales and Marketing
• IT

“We focus on our core expertise of accounting and finance, human resources, and IT, but realize that the entire back office can benefit from process automation,” says Tinsley.

NeoSystems’ helped one of its clients, a widely recognized global accounting firm, automate its end-to-end contract process—from identification of a potential opportunity, to bid/no-bid decision, win/ loss, project setup, contract management, and resource management. Because NeoSystems integrated the workflows with the client’s ERP, as the contract flows through the process, data automatically transfers from one system to another, ensuring that the complete project lifecycle is documented and managed.

NeoSystems continues to focus on world-class, modern and cost-effective technology solutions like workflow automation. In fact, NeoSystems recently developed reusable automated processes that link multiple systems, including ERPs, resource management, and contract lifecycle management, and can transform accounts payable and billings. A version of NeoSystems’ billing process package recently lowered a client’s days sales outstanding (DSO) by a whooping seven days!

“We measure our success by how much and how well we contribute to our clients’ growth objectives, enabling them to become more profitable, efficient, and better equipped to win new business,” concludes Tinsley.

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Michael Tinsley, President & CEO

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