NetElixir: Web-Based SEM Tools for Efficient Online Advertising

Udayan Bose, Founder & CEO
The internet today has a commendable advertising space attracting more viewers and providing wider brand or business recognition. With this growth of online advertising, Search Engine Management (SEM) platforms help organizations to achieve good views on the internet by prioritizing the website on web searches. Google AdWords considered as a primary advertising platform, is being widely used by search marketers. Acknowledging the quick shoot up for online advertising with the use of Google AdWords and the necessity for talented Google Adwords professionals for profitable AdWords management, NetElixir’s web based Google AdWords recommendation engine, LXRGuide, helps marketers at virtually any skill level run profitable campaigns.“LXRGuide delivers comparable adwords performance through a simple user interface for a fraction of the cost of enterprise technologies,”says Udayan Bose, Founder and CEO, NetElixir.

NetElixir offers on-demand web analytics consulting solutions that help the marketer derive actionable insights from their Google Analytics data to provide them on the dot recommendations. The company’s mission is to “Help Businesses Succeed Online” and the products are developed with three key aspects in mind—simplicity, transparency and business impact. Since 2012 NetElixir also has been offering free SEO, Paid Search and Ecommerce tools on LXRMarketplace for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses. The tools have been used by 75000 unique businesses from over 130 countries so far.

LXRGuide is the newest offering from the company. It is a powerful, web based Google AdWords recommendation search engine. The tool offers a simple user interface and 25 powerful algorithms which are derived from NetElixir’s 5 MM+ hours of hands-on paid search optimization experience. LXRGuide provides pin-pointed recommendations (based on live data analysis) on the actions that the in-house search marketers need to take to improve campaign performance.

Our products deliver comparable Google AdWords performance through a simple user interface for a fraction of the cost of enterprise technologies

On the other hand, LXR MarketPlace.comoffers free SEO and paid search tools which are starter tools that lend a hand for a well-organized SEO and PPC management.

NetElixir also offers tools like LXRSEO and LXRPlug into help the mid-sized business clients run successful free and paid Google campaigns. LXRSEO ranks the website on 20 SEO factors to inform the clients about the chances of getting found on Google and then recommends the tasks to be executed for repeated results. LXRPlugin is an excel plugin that helps generate 35+ reports on every aspect of the client’s Google AdWords campaign and provides actionable insights.

The company has worked with over 300 businesses in 17 countries. One of the clients Rugstudio had a simple goal for every digital marketing campaign they ran- 3x returns on every dollar invested. This included Google AdWords campaigns. NetElixir’s LXR plugin helped cut down the analysis and reporting time for Rugstudio by 90 percent, helped generate actionable analysis within seconds and was more than 10x cheaper than comparable AdWords analysis tools in the market.

NetElixir is making big investments in the three key digital marketing areas-online customer intelligence, mobile search marketing and small business tools. While consumer insights mapping helps NetElixir to keep marketing efforts aligned with continually changing customer preferences, the company believes in the phrase – Mobile is Internet.


New Jersey, NJ

Udayan Bose, Founder & CEO

NetElixir helps run profitable campaigns on Google AdWords and build web based tools to assist small and mid-size businesses