NewRocket: Service Oriented Business Augmentation

Matt Stoyka, CEO Employees are at the endpoint of an enterprise digitalization drive. They must get accustomed to the new technology-assisted operations and make it a part of their everyday workflows. Consider end-user emotions while building interfaces to interact with the computerized system and mechanisms to make the process smoother. ServiceNow's platform is extensively deployed by enterprises, improving their overall productivity and efficiency.

NewRocket, an elite ServiceNow partner, is well-positioned to assist companies in unlocking the platform's power. Guided by its core value of empathy, NewRocket transforms clients from an IT- focused mindset to a fully operational architecture.

NewRocket designs unique user interfaces based on the client team's preferences to run on the platform. Overseeing specialized ServiceNow implementations, NewRocket performs pilot runs of the modified application before final delivery.

Clients receive a fully customized version of the ServiceNow platform, complete with the protection of their assets and IT infrastructure. To remove any doubt during adoption, NewRocket studies how users interact with the technology and creates a commercial experience on the corporate platform.

When businesses want to improve and broaden the ServiceNow ecosystem, NewRocket has determined additional methods of using the platform for asset, software, HR, and business management. It assists clients in making insightful decisions for a ServiceNow implementation based on the type of support required for business growth. Employees enjoy the finesse NewRocket adds to the ServiceNow platform and are encouraged to perform better.

User-Focused ServiceNow Integrations

Recently, a CIO at a major retail brand did not realize their team was using a corporate IT service management solution because of the fluidity of NewRocket's customization. Riding on ServiceNow's message—the ServiceNow platform is meant to connect people, functions, and systems across an organization—NewRocket ensures every experience matters and that the technology is used in a powerful and meaningful way.
Regarding alignment, NewRocket practices stability throughout the five domains within its operational workflow—technology, customer, employee, risk resilience and security, and experience—with a staff that exhibits best-in-breed oriented tactics in their respective fields. NewRocket uses its deep knowledge in these segments to empower clients to expand the platform's boundaries.

"The real magic is the way we combine our teams to offer one solution for clients' services automation and advise them where they need to go and how they can really leverage the platform," states Matt Stoyka, CEO at NewRocket.

Rejuvenating Employee and Customer Engagement

NewRocket helped Schneider Electric, the global energy management and automation specialist, realize its vision for a unified HR service solution. Employing 135,000 employees worldwide, Schneider sought a comprehensive overhaul of its employee engagement system and a creative method to interact with its diverse employee base. They were unable to connect HR and staff effectively to address grievances, handle existing applications and similar situations. Implementing the ServiceNow platform enabled all team members to stay connected through the most complex workflows.

We Make Our Clients' Staff Forces Raving Fans Of Servicenow By Designing Amazing User Experience Interfaces Based On Their Emotions

To start the custom ServiceNow deployment project, NewRocket provided counsel to determine the best course of action and how Schneider's HR team might use the platform to improve employee experience. The deployment of a ServiceNow platform with HR services spanning 17 countries and supporting regional languages was made possible by NewRocket's unwavering commitment and tenacity during employee interactions to understand their expectations from the platform. Further, future-proof measures allowed the client to add more capabilities while enabling employees to engage easily through an omnichannel approach. Since going live with the ServiceNow platform, Schneider's HR team has handled more than a million requests at an average rate of almost 400,000 per year.

"We helped them transform the way they manage employee experience, and it's great to know we were able to impact that many people," says Stoyka.

Telent handles and monitors 300,000 electronic assets critical to the UK's transportation infrastructure, including cameras and stop lights. The company approached NewRocket to design a mobile application to manage customer SLAs. It was essential for Telent to locate an asset management solution immediately and determine a method to use the entities in providing real-time insights to clients as IoT enters the traffic control arena and more devices are 5G enabled.
In less than four months, NewRocket implemented a unique solution built on the ServiceNow platform, allowing the client to be customer-centric and respond to queries faster without worrying about backend architecture. Currently, Telent uses the platform for asset, customer service, and field service management and hopes to continue working with NewRocket to unlock new features that can support a vehicle navigation infrastructure business.

Enabling Innovation through Continuous Learning

One among a few recognized partners capable of providing services and solutions across the entire ServiceNow technology stack, NewRocket taps into every possible opportunity to design and deliver innovative customizations of the platform. The consultancy invests heavily in its crew and has added industry experts with extensive knowledge in utilizing ServiceNow across various business operational areas. NewRocket also offers its staff the best learning opportunities and chances to grow and work among the brightest minds.

NewRocket makes full use of the ServiceNow Global Solution Framework to keep track of future roadmaps and map its services and capabilities to align with the architecture. The largest pure-play partner, NewRocket's synchronization and appreciation of any new technology from ServiceNow allow them to act responsibly in delivering significant client outcomes.

"The Real Magic Is The Way We Combine Our Teams To Offer A Client One Solution For Their Services Automation And Advise Them Where They Need To Be Going And How They Can Leverage The Platform"

Instilling an empathetic touch to all internal and external opportunities, NewRocket focuses on teamwork, and executives and employees help each other while staying relevant on the updates to the ServiceNow platform. To ensure Crew Members grow and learn, NewRocket started an in-house university, a real-world education, and a development program with thousands of classes, building on their knowledge to enforce impactful changes for clients.

"If employees feel good and are adding value, then invariably, we can deliver tremendous outcomes for our clients and our partner, ServiceNow," adds Stoyka.

Maintaining an esteemed relationship with ServiceNow, Stoyka is highly appreciative of ServiceNow's team members, such as David Parsons and Erica Volini, for the way they engage and support partners in building applications for the future. The consultancy and solutions provider believes it's critical to look for innovative ways to support its team with unconventional thinking strategies while developing complex yet simple solutions for clients. To continue delivering meaningful experiences and extraordinary results with ServiceNow, NewRocket will expand its European business horizon by opening a new office in the Netherlands.


Vista, CA

Matt Stoyka, CEO

As one of only three providers with certification badges across all four ServiceNow workflows, NewRocket is distinct in the ecosystem, with the capability to go beyond technical implementation, working end-to-end to advise, implement and operate for clients at scale. NewRocket has five ServiceNow-aligned Practices that offer deep expertise across the platform. NewRocket is significantly differentiated in the ecosystem, with advisory services aligned to business imperatives, leading security, risk, and resilience capabilities, and managed platform services of customer environments. Delivered by an established and growing global team of experts with in-industry experience, NewRocket enables organizations to maximize their ServiceNow investment and deliver extraordinary experiences.