'Corso Agile Enterprise Architecture' to Tackle Defect in Traditional Enterprise Architecture

By CIOReview | Monday, January 5, 2015

NEW YORK, NY: Corso, global solution and business consultation provider; achieves new heights with cloud based software solution named ‘Corso Agile Enterprise Architecture.’ For successful, effective and smooth growth of companies the enterprise architecture has to be taken care of with great prominence. The latest launch from Corso identifies this requirement, and helps its users to have quick and effective approach to Business and enterprise architecture.

This software solution is void of the previous defects in the traditional enterprise architecture, involving complexities restricting the resolution of Business problems.

“A shortcoming of traditional is that it’s often unnecessarily deep and complex, or is not focused on solving business problems,” says Martin Owen, CEO, Corso. The peculiarities in this software solution makes it a user friendly aid for Enterprise Architecture team that makes architectural content handy for other executive officials. . It is a highly efficient tool for the architectural teams striving to achieve a better business state for their companies and it is a qualitative, user friendly and cost effective solution for the enterprise architectural solutions.  This software solution supports strategic planning platform in an effective way. It is the second module to the first one –‘Corso Innovation Management’ released earlier.

The benefits of Corso Agile Enterprise Architecture software include: Rapid deployment that allows Users to get up to speed in hours/days instead of weeks and months, Elevates the enterprise architect by producing valuable deliverables that meet business objectives,  User have the ability to collaborate at a level they are comfortable and provide value to the appropriate stakeholders and decision makers, Analytics that provide the User with accurate and useful data at an affordable  price point.