IBM Introduces API Matchmaking Software to Improvise API Economy

By CIOReview | Friday, November 20, 2015

ARMONK, NY: IBM announces API Harmony with intelligent cloud-based API matchmaking technology for developers for finding and leveraging the best of API’s and also extend services to move forward towards the growing API Economy. API Economy is a key to improvise business performance and creates a path for extending business service .APIs (Application programming Interfaces) are set of routines and tools that enable the developers to build software applications. This acts as an adhesive to put together data and business logic, enabling business leaders to integrate and enhance the functionalities of the applications.

API Economy leaves an impression over developers by making use of Cognitive technologies connecting multiple enterprises through apps or any device via the cloud. Digital business and digital intelligence combined together constitutes a Cognitive business, powered by artificial intelligence systems. API Harmony connects customers in an API Economy and helps in building new app, by predicting what is needed next and recommends which APIs to use and identifies what is missing .It acts as a matchmaker for API developers and IT managers.

The new service included is API Economy Journey Map, which is now available on Bluemix. This has an intelligent mapping capability which enables the developers to quickly find APIs and pick out the appropriate API for a given application.

In addition, API management software creates, assembles, manages, secures and socializes web APIs. It helps Clients to increase the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of how well apps are performing in the market.

IBM is also collaborating with Linux Foundation and other   industrial standards organizations to develop API. It is also announcing its participation in banking and healthcare sectors that help to standardize and shape the future of APIs. "The API Economy opens up new opportunities for innovation in both business model and technology strategy when enterprises participate with digital business services,” Marie Wieck, General Manager,  IBM Middleware.