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By CIOReview | Monday, June 4, 2018

QCon New York  is not just a software conference, it’s the software conference where leading shops like Netflix, Google, Gilt and Coinbase open their doors and give us a glimpse into their greatest engineering feats (and in some cases, their biggest failures). QCon is the place where senior software engineers, tech leads, and architects come together to learn, share, and push each other to drive innovation.

What makes QCon New York so special? QCon brings together incredible knowledge in one location with the people driving software forward. Over 1200 software engineers join together at QCon. If this is your tribe, it’s the place you’ll want to be. Guy Podjarny, the co-founder of Snyk Security in the United Kingdom, is one of QCon New York’s confirmed keynotes this year.

QCon New York, the 7th annual software developers’ conference held in New York and hosted at the Times Square Marriott Marquis, features 15 tracks covering all aspects of software development. There are topics like: Microservices: Patterns & Practices, Architectures You've Always Wondered About, Container and Orchestration Platforms in Action, Developer Experience: Level up Your Engineering Effectiveness, Practical Machine Learning, and more.

The conference has a reputation for content developed and is curated for senior developers, architects, and leaders who drive change and innovation on their teams. Take a look at just a few of our sessions:

  • Effective Java, Third Edition - Keepin' it Effective by Joshua Bloch (Author of Effective Java, previously Chief Java Architect @Google, & led implementation of the Java Collections Framework)
  • Lyft's Envoy: Embracing a Service Mesh by Matt Klein (Creator of Envoy the Sidecar Proxy for a Service Mesh)
  • Debugging Microservices: How Google SREs Resolve Outages by Liz Fong-Jones
    Staff Site Reliability Engineer (Google Cloud Customer Reliability Engineering) & Adam Mckaig, Site Reliability Engineer @Google
  • UNBREAKABLE: Learning to Bend but Not Break at Netflix by Hailey Tucker, Senior Software Engineer, Chaos Engineering @Netflix
  • Chick-fil-A: Milking the Most Out of 1000's of K8s Clusters by Brian Chambers
    Enterprise Architect @ChickfilA& Caleb Hurd Site Reliability Engineer @ChickfilA
  • A Neurobiologist's Guide to Mind Manipulation by Casey Watts, Lead Software Engineer @Heroku
  • No Microservice Is an Island by Michele Titolo, Tech Lead and Architect @Square

QCon New York 2018 features:

  • Architecture/Developer focus with 75 technical talks on topics like security, chaos engineering, ethics in computing, blockchains, containers and serverless from architects/engineers at Uber, Facebook and Google
  • 15 total tracks across three days
  • Attendee to Speaker ratio is ~11 to 1 so you can network with software leaders

If software is your tribe, QCon is your place to be. It’s content you’ll love, companies you’ll be inspired by, engineers you’ll interact with. It all adds up to amazing technical education.

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