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14th Annual MIT Sloan CIO Symposium to Prepare IT Executives for "The CIO Adventure: Now, Next and Beyond"

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Cambridge, MA: The 14th annual MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, a world class one-day conference, will gather more than 800 CIOs and senior business executives to discuss the challenges of digital transformation, talent shortages, executive advancement to the C-suite, and leading-edge research. The Symposium will take place on May 24, 2017, from 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the MIT Kresge Auditorium in Cambridge, MA.  Registration is still open.

The Symposium will focus on the theme, “The CIO Adventure: Now, Next and… Beyond,” and will provide attendees with a roadmap for the changing digital landscape ahead. Panel discussions will be spearheaded by CIOs and MIT thought leaders, including Erik Brynjolfsson, Andrew McAfee, George Westerman, Barbara Haley Wixom, Peter Weill, Sandy Pentland, Stuart Madnick, Jason Pontin, Joi Ito, Nils Fonstad, Keri Pearlson, Kristine Dery, Tom Davenport, Paul Michelman, and Jeanne Ross.

“The CIO experience has become an uphill challenge of budgets, talent shortages, and digital transformations, and a downhill thrill ride of executive advancement to the C-suite and business leadership,” said Lindsey Anderson, Chair of the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium. “Our insightful panels and discussions at the 2017 Symposium will help CIOs and senior IT executives navigate the challenges and opportunities of the CIO adventure and prepare them for now, next, and beyond.”

The Symposium will feature more than a dozen interactive panel discussions with top leaders in their fields of expertise. The full agenda is available at Highlights include:

• Kickoff Panel: “Pathways to Future Ready: The Digital Playbook” will discuss a framework for digital transformation and facilitate a conversation on lessons learned from executives leading these transformations. Virtually every company is working on transforming their business for the digital era and this panel will provide a playbook for digital. Featuring Peter Weill, Chairman, MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research (CISR); Jim Fowler, Vice President & Chief Information Officer, General Electric; David Gledhill, Group Chief Information Officer and Head of Group Technology & Operations, DBS; and Lucille Mayer, Head of Client Experience Delivery and Global Innovation, BNY Mellon.

• Fireside Chat: “Machine | Platform | Crowd: Harnessing Our Digital Future” will be moderated by Jason Pontin, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of MIT Technology Review and feature Erik Brynjolfsson, Director, and Andy McAfee, Co-Director, of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE), discussing what they call "the second phase of the second machine age."  This phase has a greater sense of urgency, as technologies are demonstrating that they can do much more than just the type of work we have thought of as routine. The last time new technologies had such a huge impact on the business world was about a century ago, when electricity took over from steam power and transformed manufacturing. Many successful incumbent companies, in fact most of them, did not survive this transition. This panel will enable CIOs to rethink the balance between minds and machines, between products and platforms, and between the core and the crowd.

Other panel sessions driven by key IT leaders, practitioners, and MIT researchers will include:

“The Cognitive Company: Incremental Present, Transformational Future”; “Cloud Strategies: The Next Level of Digital Transformation”; “The CIO Adventure: Insights from the Leadership Award Finalists”; “Preparing for the Future of Work”; “Expanding the Reach of Digital Innovation”; “Running IT Like a Factory”; “Navigating the Clouds”; “Winning with the Internet of Things”; “Talent Wars in the Digital Age”; “Who’s Really Responsible for Technology?”; “You Were Hacked—Now What?”; “Measuring ROI for Cybersecurity: Is It Real or a Mirage?”; “Putting AI to Work”; “Trusted Data: The Role of Blockchain, Secure Identity, and Encryption”; and “Designing for Digital.”

The Symposium will also feature this year’s finalists for the prestigious MIT Sloan CIO Leadership Award and conclude with The Innovation Showcase, which connects CIOs and senior business leaders with ten carefully selected early-stage technology companies that have the potential to impact CIOs’ top and bottom lines through innovative technologies.

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