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1iX Elevates IT Consulting in an Agile and Affordable Manner through Concierge IT Support

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 21, 2016

IT supportATLANTA, GA: IT consulting Service Company, 1iX Network Solutions launched Concierge IT support to provide speed, convenience, and affordability to small and mid-sized businesses. The solution extends support to businesses that pose security threats on untrained or busy staff members. It also aims at fostering businesses by providing superior IT support and services. The managed IT solutions give businesses an edge over their competition resulting to focus more on them.

Concierge IT contributes as an alternative support to in-house team of IT professionals. The solution provides immediate help to businesses that are witnessing in-house troubles for handling task. The main advantage of choosing a concierge team is speed, allowing IT teams to directly contact Professionals for immediate results. The technician can take control remotely with the help of a skilled concierge specialist by following protocols to diagnose and find proper remedies for issues. Taking remote help also promotes an opportunity to learn new technologies.

Hiring concierge IT services enables a robust support with convenience. Professionals with experience and knowledge can recognize the frequency of the issue and act accordingly by facilitating future steps. Technicians facilitating the next steps help in slashing time and resources of their client. In addition, upgrading systems helps keeping future service calls less frequent and for shorter durations, eliminating the need to hire in house IT expert.

The additional advantage of using a concierge tech support team includes affordability. Since IT services work on a needed basis, concierge technical support proves to be a less expensive solution than hiring IT pros on a full time basis. Interaction with remote IT systems creates a need for managing services in small and medium sized businesses. The advancements and issues in the IT space keep professional teams up-to-date, while also updating clients from time-to-time. Hiring in house experts to handle the IT is not mandatory as the management is done in a professional manner.