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2019 Marketing Strategies for Improved ROI

By CIOReview | Monday, March 4, 2019

The technological and economic developments today provide an excellent opportunity for any business to grow. Today, marketers have the advantage of knowing customers’ preferences as well as predict the future of the market with the help of technologies like big data and cloud that lead to the transformation of their marketing strategy. Personalized marketing strategy is the key to success of company’s marketing efforts by understanding the mindset of a consumer that has become possible with the deconstruction of the data silos accumulated from diverse sources such as public forums, blogs, social media, point-of-sale transactions, and website traffic.

Marketers, especially B2B, should focus their marketing strategies according to goals, target audiences, and time period to achieve the desired result. These are the most important aspects while designing a marketing strategy as it helps businesses to narrow down the search for a new customer by evaluating the overall profile of the consumers.

Companies can achieve the desired return on investment (ROI) making a making a strategic marketing plan. In the era of the digital age, there are various marketing options available such as social media, online ads, webinars, email campaigns, and events but an attempt of execution of these options according to the capacity of the company is equally important. Companies should make sure that their goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. Setting an attainable goal is essential for the smooth and organized functioning of the marketing team of an organization. 

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Companies should make sure that their promotional products such as brochures, logos, and business cards are up to date. Marketing material plays a vital role in promoting businesses as they are designed to reflect people of the services provided by companies. Revamping the company's websites time to time and making it user-friendly, quick to load, easy to navigate, quick to inform users about the business, and functional on all devices is a crucial step that strengthens the marketing strategy.

The most essential step or foundation of the marketing strategies is having a clear marketing timeline with key milestones, deadlines, and associated tasks. Creation and execution of a clear marketing plan that identifies goals and timeline for the marketing campaigns and ensuring the activities being working on and completed is must in marketing strategy. Monitoring the success and failure of campaigns is a crucial part to make necessary improvements in the strategic marketing plan. Therefore companies should have an appropriate reporting system to track and monitor the results of various marketing campaigns and use the data collected to make data-driven recommendations for the campaigns as it could save time and resources by avoiding spending on the channels which are not working. 

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