3 Benefits of Agile Methodology Business Must Know About
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3 Benefits of Agile Methodology Business Must Know About

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 3, 2020

Agile methodology can help technology development firms manage work efficiently while delivering the highest quality product within the constraints of the budget.

FREMONT, CA: Any framework that is used to structure, plan, and control the process of developing a system is a development methodology. Such frameworks have evolved over the years, each one having its own strengths and weaknesses. So does Agile methodology works for technology development companies too. Agile is quickly gaining momentum, helping organizations when it comes to productivity, efficiency, and quality. So what exactly is Agile methodology, and what all benefits can it bring to technology development companies? Read on to know more.

• Improved Product Quality

Testing is integrated during the cycle of using Agile development, and there are regular quality checks to make sure that the product is up to scratch, and everything is working well at each stage. This allows teams a better chance of making changes as needed and keeps everyone aware of the challenges that might arise.  It also provides knowledge of products and product features that is as relevant, allows the development team to address new issues quickly, saves time, and finds issues quickly, and allows for building on previous functionality.

• Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

With Agile methodologies, the product owner is involved in the process, and the progress of development has high levels of visibility and flexibility to change. As a result, customers are more engaged with the brand and its products, resulting in higher levels of satisfaction. Working functionalities are demonstrated to customers, and products can be delivered to the market faster than ever. Thanks to the inclusion of user testing, customers get access to the product during the life cycle.

• Faster ROI

Agile development means that the features are delivered incrementally, empowering both project team members and customers to realize the advantages of the product while in the development process. Usually, the development will start as early as possible, and after a few iterations, the team will be ready to offer a functional product, leading to first-mover benefits in the market. This avoids issues related to long delivery cycles. Agile allows for fast product releases, paired with the ability to quantify customer reactions and opinions to make changes.