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3 Big Benefits of AI for Broadcasters

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The media and entertainment landscape is experiencing a transformative phase brought on by advanced technologies. Artificial intelligence, the technology that has managed to capture the fancy of almost all the industries today, is now on the verge of benefiting media broadcasters significantly. Although some segments of the industry are yet to come to terms with the new opportunities that AI has unleashed, many broadcasting companies are already on their way towards improved, AI-driven models. Three major ways in which AI promises to benefit media broadcasters are discussed in the following list.

Better Control Over Archived Content

Broadcasters who have been in the business for a long time own extensive content archives. These archives house valuable content that can be reused. However, the lack of proper technology and a dearth of metadata limit broadcasters’ access to archived files and media at the time of need. But today, broadcasters can leverage AI-backed tools to generate metadata and accurately tag the media files. Speech-to-text and imagerecognition technologies that use AI can analyze content and index the archive. Subsequently, broadcasters can conveniently use archived assets.

Contextual Advertising

Enabling targeted advertisement has traditionally not been a strong point for broadcasters. However, AI might be changing that since AI-backed solutions are now enabling broadcasters to offer advanced advertising opportunities. With video content analyzing capabilities, AI-backed solutions are enabling contextual advertising. Intelligent advertisement placement is also another area where AI is empowering broadcasters. For broadcasters, these facilities mean enhanced revenues from advertisers.

Improving Entertainment Experiences

Today, broadcasters have to align their services according to the expectations of modern viewers. AI is a major facilitator for broadcasters in this respect. By deploying AI, broadcasters are able to enhance content discovery mechanisms on online media platforms. By providing intelligent recommendations, as well as automatically generated captions for videos, AI is empowering broadcasters to enhance the entertainment experience for viewers.

Pocketing the benefits of AI not only allows broadcasters to make strides in the digital ecosystem but also ensures simultaneous profitability.  

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