3 Big Data Analytics Trends Firms Should Know
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3 Big Data Analytics Trends Firms Should Know

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 3, 2021

Paying attention to the current trends in big data analytics can help companies succeed and thrive in the market.

FREMONT, CA: The idea of big data has been around for years. Most businesses now understand that if they collect all the data streams into their organization, firms can apply analytics and get great value from it. But decades before anyone uttered the term big data, and businesses were using basic analytics to uncover insights and trends. Here are the latest trends in big data analytics that every firm should know.

Data Service

Traditionally the data is collected in data stores, developed to gain by particular applications. When the SaaS (software as a service) was popular, Daas was just a starting. As with Software-as-a-Service applications, data as a service utilizes cloud technology to provide users and applications with on-demand access to data without depending on where the users or applications may be. Data as a Service is a current trend in big data analytics and will offer it simpler for analysts to gain data for business review tasks and seamless for areas throughout a business or industry to share data.

Accessible Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning is one of the emerging trends in Big Data Analytics, and it can perform algorithms to parse data, learn data, and then make insights using neural networks. The AI is used to explore the data results in patterns the technology can recognize. Artificial intelligence is the usual factor that helps both large and small organizations improve their business methods.

Predictive Analytics

Big data analytics is the fundamental approach for firms to become a competing edge and accomplish their goals, making it the trend in big data analytics. They apply analytics tools to prepare big data and find the causes of why specific issues arise. Predictive methods are deployed to examine modern data, and historical events to know customers and know possible hazards and events for a corporation. Predictive analysis in big data can forecast what may occur in the future.