3 Emerging Trends in Education Sector
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3 Emerging Trends in Education Sector

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 14, 2021

Technology is evolving, and to serve students in the best possible means, the education sector needs to be sure that it is keeping up with emerging trends.

FREMONT, CA: There are countless reasons why technology is a key aspect of learning in the education sector. Technology has become a vital part of sustaining society, and its infusion with education is inevitable. Technology not only offers students access to countless online resources but also helps them in the learning process. A majority of educational institutes have already begun to utilize technology within their teaching methods. Here are key trends that are leading in the sector.

• Smart Campus

The smart campus is becoming a matter of survival for schools that want to thrive. Just like the emergence of virtual classrooms, a basic requirement for educational institutions, every school will have to integrate te

chnology at a large scale to improve the learning experience. Technology comes naturally to the digital natives, and their learning experiences are defined through technologically driven approaches. To cater to the new-age learner's evolving demands, schools are adopting path-breaking ways of teaching by using the latest technology. Highly sophisticated multimedia tools, virtual reality apps, 3D technology, design labs, and maker spaces are some of the requirements that will be deemed necessary for smart campus.

• More Network Security

Students are finding new ways to connect to the world through digital technology. They share their voice, pictures, videos, and opinions with people far and wide. This makes them susceptible to cyber threats as well as temptations. With cybercriminals getting intelligent by the day, there is a high chance any of these can be tampered with to malign the student's character. It is the school's growing responsibility to guard its network and all the devices registered under the school and prevent cyber threats.

• Digital Library

As the lessons are becoming virtual, libraries are also going digital to support the students' educational journey. Digital libraries will also assist in preserving precious books for many generations to come. As the future generations will leverage the internet for most of the tasks, the chances are that the traditional concept of reading books will remain longer in their habits if the books are available in the digital format.