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3 Key Benefits of IGA for Efficient User Access Management

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Demands on enterprises are intensifying day by day. How will IGA support enterprises in combating it? 

FREMONT, CA: A well-defined Identity Governance Administration (IGA) program is a crucial piece of an enterprise’s security portfolio.

Small enterprises with limited staff can conveniently manage the removing, granting, and reviewing access, and might even have predefined roles or access templates. On the other hand, giant enterprises significantly benefit from implementing an IGA solution to manage applications, devices, and access to systems effectively. The following are some of the benefits of IGAP:

1. Risk Management

In today’s world, enterprises are dealing with a lot of data breaches. By taking a proactive approach, IGA solutions reduce sensitive data exposure by rigorously guarding and limiting access, to begin with, minimizing the risk in the environment.

The solutions empower a robust approach to governing and managing access by emphasizing on three aspects of access. Firstly, they follow the principle of least privilege, eradicating additional privileges and granting access to authorized individuals. Secondly, they abort orphaned accounts as soon as possible. Finally, the solutions monitor for segregation of duty (SoD) violations. 

2. Streamlining BudgetTop Identity Governance and Administration Solution Companies

Managing identity and access manually can be a burden on IT. Provisioning access manually is time-consuming, and generally comes with extra help desk calls or tickets. Documentation and reporting requirements add additional intricacy and effort. Certifying privileged access also takes a lot of time and can eventually result in rubber-stamping approvals to get on with more pressing matters. 

This also signifies that IT teams are spending a lot more time, some of which can be spent on improvements or other projects. IGA solutions reduce these time management problems and can also execute these tasks with greater credibility.

3.  Organization Changes

Since businesses grow and transform constantly, IGA solutions help in making those transformations more efficient and less risky. Small changes such as individual promotions, layoffs, and transfers can be implemented quickly, as the IGA solution is able to provide access based on roles. This technique of Role Based Access Control (RBAC) functions well for greater changes, like acquisitions, mergers, and corporate companies. IGA solutions can lessen the timeline for accomplishing bulk transitions or additions of the user account by streamlining and automating provisioning and approvals. It is necessary to develop roles appropriately and intuitively.

With these points crystal clear, measurable benefits, it is convenient to see why IGA solutions are becoming an essential component of many organizations’ security strategy.

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