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3 Key Considerations for Healthcare Organizations' Move towards the Cloud

By CIOReview | Friday, July 12, 2019

Moving healthcare applications and data into a cloud is no more a nightmare scenario.

FREMONT, CA: In the last few years, cloud computing has moved from an option for healthcare providers to business necessity. By outsourcing data management to a cloud services company, hospitals can free up their technical staff to do more work to contribute to their core competencies.

• Reliability of Cloud Data Storage

Working with data is critical, and healthcare organizations need to understand locality and data sovereignty requirements. There are a lot of storage options out there in the cloud, which a healthcare organization can choose based on its demand. It is essential to make sure firms can access their data reliably, and performance metrics are met. Poor performance and storage latency may end up costing much more than money.

• Total Cost of Ownership

If not appropriately designed, the cloud can be expensive. Many healthcare organizations find it hard during implementation. However, architecture and cloud design have come a long way. Now firms can gauge usage, data, requirements, and data locality based on requirements to create the best possible pricing model. A healthcare firm can carefully plan its deployment and understand where it needs resources and ensure that it incorporates agility to the entire process.

• Importance of Security

While the strengths of cloud computing are compelling, its security also must be a key concern. Especially since issues of compliance and liability surround the critical data stored in the cloud, healthcare firms must be concerned to see how common breaches are becoming. Given the incredible number of security breaches, it is a pressing need to prevent them. To secure healthcare cloud including electronic protected health information firms will need to take technical steps such as encrypting data in transit and at rest, monitoring and logging all-access,  implementing controls on data use, limiting data and application access, securing mobile devices and backing up to an offsite location.

Key healthcare providers are those that embrace innovative solutions and work with organizations that can support their healthcare initiatives. It is indeed a considerable effort to take time and better understand strategies and design a cloud model that fits specific needs.

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