3 Reasons Why Google AdWords is a Great Investment
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3 Reasons Why Google AdWords is a Great Investment

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Google AdWord campaign allows brands to get their business in front of prospective customers exactly when they need their product or service.

FREMONT, CA: From leading brands to their local competitors, everyone seems to be running Google AdWords campaigns these days. Indeed, some large organizations are spending tens of millions of dollars per year on AdWords, paying about $40 per click. But this doesn't mean running an AdWord campaign is out of reach for businesses. If managed properly, AdWords can be successful in any business. Here are three reasons why Google AdWords can be effective for organizations.

• Scalability

One of the biggest challenges for marketers today is finding lead sources that scale. This means it does not need five times the effort to get five times the leads. Google Ads is highly scalable; that is why businesses spend millions of dollars on Google Ads advertising. If an organization is creating a Google Ads campaign that is converting at a profitable rate, there is no reason to arbitrarily spend on that campaign. Firms can increase their PPC budget, and their leads and profits will increase accordingly. This makes Google Ads highly effective for those who need many leads but are short on time and heads.

• Competing with Big Companies

Businesses can start Google AdWords Campaign with less budget. It generates enough clicks and data to make changes and improvements to drive conversions. Once started generating conversions for the business, whether that's ecommerce purchases for an online retailer or contact form submissions, and prove the effectiveness of this form of advertising, brands can increase their budget. If brands have proper tracking in place, they can double down on the ad spend. Brands can track their performance, and once the campaigns are profitable, they can invest more.

• Faster than SEO

For new businesses and websites, it takes months to see results from SEO. More likely, the problem is that competition is fierce, and it takes time for a website to prove itself and earn authority and links. Google Ads is a significant workaround for businesses because they don't have to wait around so long to see positive results. While working on the website's SEO, brands can put resources into a Google Ads campaign and instantly start getting impressions and clicks.