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3 Striking Drifts Molding Smart City Buildout

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 27, 2019

All starting with connectivity, smart cities are continuing to enrich the lives of people by responding to their needs from security and convenience to revenue generation.

FREMONT, CA: In the last few decades, smart cities have expanded all around the world, moving beyond just connected infrastructure and smarter things. The smart cities of future engage governments, citizens, visitors, and businesses in an intelligent, and connected ecosystem. The report says that by 2050, 75% of the world’s population will live in urban areas that are increasingly connected and powered by smart technologies.  Here are key trends that will impact smart cities over the years ahead.

•    Multi-Directional Data Flow  

Smart cities have accumulated vast data from demographic information about their citizens, records detailing public service usage, and data about physical infrastructure to list a few. These data streams can be significantly beneficial and are essential to its design. However, this abundance of data presents specific challenges, including data interoperability issues, and management of data.

•    IoT  Serving as the Backbone

Emerging technologies, including IoT, are fueling many smart city initiatives, while also evolving in the way these technologies are used. IoT designs unique, user-centric experiences while enhancing efficiency and sustainability in communities. Coupling of  IoT with artificial intelligence offers strong motivation for smart cities to evolve, by providing additional benefits such as improved safety, traffic management, and energy savings.

•    Participation from Both Public and Private Sectors

There is significant participation from private sector providers demonstrating the power of data integration and people-centric applications. Along with this, many private sector developers and technology providers are enthusiastic about collaborating with city authorities and providing new opportunities that smart city services present. Private and public sectors together will decide the most effective ways to work together based on their expertise.

In an age of exponential growth, advancing technologies will shape the future face of smart cities. Each of the above inclinations will be rampant elements as cities become smarter.

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