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3 Techs that are Most Important for ERP

By CIOReview | Monday, July 27, 2020

As tech innovations continue to advance at a break-neck pace, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), in particular, has a lot to gain.

FREMONT, CA: Businesses today are required to deal with technological innovations occurring at a pace never experienced before. As several technology trends continue to make an impact, it’s important that the IT department embraces new approaches for a number of reasons. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), in particular, has a lot to gain from adopting an open approach to innovations. Here are some technology trends that have the potential to shape the future of ERP.

Wearable Technology

While much of the attention associated with wearables is on consumer propositions like fitness trackers, there are also a host of applications in the workplace. Augmented Reality enabled wearable glasses will enable hands-free operations, which can be of great benefit workers. Even smartwatches represent a step forward since they are more easily accessible and are less likely to be misplaced. Devices designed to monitor external factors like UV exposure or heat can help improve the management of employee health too.

Cloud-based ERP

More and more companies today are moving to cloud ERP. The benefits of cloud-based ERP are numerous. With cloud-based solutions, businesses don’t have to maintain their own systems, drastically reducing the need for in-house IT. This makes it possible for companies with just one or two IT employees to take advantage of an ERP system they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford or maintain.

Data Analytics

Businesses have become more dependent on IT, and they have accumulated a wealth of data that traditionally remains unused. As the IoT connects tools and employees to the internet, this data generation is set to grow dramatically. By employing analytical tools, ERP systems can begin to use this data to make accurate predictions that help in tailoring a more intelligent approach to business strategy.

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