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3 Tips for Enterprises While Adopting EIM Managed Services

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Migrating from on-premise delivery to EIM managed services is extremely challenging. Choosing the correct provider that is willing to work in partnership with the company and offer a flexible service based around the specific needs will take a major amount of risk.

FREMONT, CA:  Choosing to migrate to the managed services for Enterprise Information Management (EIM) systems is one of the critical steps for enterprises these days. Most of the EIM managed services involve moving completely to the cloud or executing a hybrid cloud environment. Below given are some of the steps an enterprise can take to facilitate the transition to the EIM managed services.

Choosing the right provider

EIM migration programs engage with business-critical applications, and the providers need to have a deep understanding and experience of the EIM solutions that the organizations are using. If they offer managed services, it is greatly advisable to request the EIM software enterprise for access to the backup of the product teams that developed the software. Along with this, the supplier should have an in-depth understanding of the industry, enabling them to address the compliance and regulatory frameworks that they have to work within and incorporate into the service.Top Enterprise Information Management Consulting/Services Companies

Ensuring the correct skillset

Many skills are needed to manage EIM systems. This not only includes skills in optimizing the EIM software but also the technology and infrastructure where it dwells. The provider should deliver full EIM program management capabilities covering technical implementation, day-to-day management, incident handling, and on-going maintenance. Along with this, the provider with a dedicated security team should be willing to use the EIM tools directly with the security experts to guarantee the greatest security levels through the migrations and beyond.

User Adoption

There will be changes in how users access and use the new systems for organizations that are moving from cloud to the cloud-based or hybrid EIM managed services. These amendments can be quite substantial—especially if the organization uses the migration program as a way to upgrade to the latest versions of the EIM solutions.

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