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3 Ways Drones can Help the Firefighters

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 23, 2019

With the inclusion of drone technology, firefighters can work more efficiently and effectively.

FREMONT, CA: Presently, the technologically developed nations are employing drone technology to solve firefighting challenges. With over 1100 civilian home fatalities reported in the U.S. alone, the alert officials are undertaking innovative routes to decrease these daunting statistics. Once created as a futuristic concept, the applications of unmanned hovering devices exceed the creative parameters of age-old fire systems.

Ground crew and firefighters can analyze and draw valid conclusions from the real-time data provided by drone technology. Automated functionality makes drones perfect to function in smoke-confined areas and make the task of firefighters risk-free. Furthermore, the feature of elevation accessibility provides firefighters with a panoramic overview of accidental environments.

Assess Risk and Danger

In the scene of a fire, an overhead view from drones proves to unfold various unknown information. The bird-eye-view approach enables firefighters to fabricate the spreading mechanism and assist them in identifying the root cause of the accident.

When dealing with structural fires, drones provide exact coordinates about the entry and exit points, as well as assist trapped citizens to find the perfect escapes routes. Additionally, drones also pick up important information, which enables the natural hazard teams to study the nature and effects of calamities.

Respond to Disaster

The application of firefighters is not only limited to dealing with the blazing holocaust, but they also function during natural calamities, structural catastrophes, and rescues operations. Early access to incident information of catastrophes assists the management team to function accordingly.  Data offered by drones during a disaster can help trapped people and signal rescue teams from disaster sites.

Create pre-fire plans

Most of the casualties occur due to lack of safety measures, and half of the battle is lost in figuring out the way to prevent the damage from spreading and pre-planning become extremely necessary. When it comes to sorting and segregating, the overhead images and orthomosaic maps derived from drone technology can help the architect to engineer cities based on the topological surveys. Facilities, schools, buildings, and power plants, which are vulnerable to the casualties, will be constructed based on the survey result from drones.  

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