3 Ways to Combat Plastic Adversities Using Technology
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3 Ways to Combat Plastic Adversities Using Technology

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 27, 2019

New technologies are entering the market to repurpose and reuse plastics while becoming able to decompose plastics entirely.

FREMONT, CA: Over 500 billion pounds of plastic waste are popping out every year, among which 33% is going for single usage and thrown away.  It is clear that to move to a sustainable model of development, the world needs all available technologies and efforts to be plastic free. Read on!

• Satellite Observation

Satellites can be used to detect and track the vast quantity of plastic from space and focus on cleanup efforts on most concentrated areas. Satellite imaging and machine learning can clean up and capture 5 trillion pieces of plastic trash they have observed in the world’s ocean garbage patches. It is considered that within five years, 50% of this garbage can be collected using this technology.

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• Big Data and Visualization

It is assumed that much of the problem managing e-waste is the lack of proper information. Big data will be vital to measuring and tracking the earth’s resources. Using machine learning and data visualization, big data can drive better decisions.

• Blockchain

Organizations are offering blockchain secured digital tokens for the exchange of recycled plastics. They aim to stop the flow of plastic into the environment by rewarding those who recycle and thereby reducing trash. Tech companies are establishing plastic banks which aim to scale its blockchain solutions to meet growing demands and secure transactions that run on it.

Surveys say that 50 percent of the plastic people use is single-use or considered disposable. With the current scale and of plastic utilization, it is indeed that reducing plastic usage and cleaning is critical. Technology can help to this end and to ground the dire problems caused by plastic, scientists and researchers are striving to bring up the techniques that can reduce plastic pollution.

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