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3 Ways to Ensure Seamless Adoption of Customer Data Platform

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 25, 2019

CDPs enable organizations to gather and analyze customer data from various sources, providing valuable insights on customer behavior.

FREMONT, CA – Customer data platform (CDP) have revolutionized the relationship between companies and customers. It has enabled them to collect and analyze customer data from various sources, providing valuable insights on customer behavior. Organizations have leveraged CDP to form forecasts regarding upcoming trends. Several vendors are also offering CDPs with the capability of analyzing demographic, household, technographic, and psychographic information.

The demand for robust CDPs has urged tech giants such as Adobe and Salesforce to enter the market. It has made it imperative for smaller players to step up the game. Also, to assist the buyers, the CDP institute has started the RealCDP program to establish the standards for CDP systems. It measures the quality of the CDP based on its ability to gather data from multiple sources, comprehend the details, securely store the data, create unified profiles of identified consumers, and share data effectively.

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Incorporating CDP can enable the companies in understanding the consumer pool. However, implementing a CDP can be a challenging task for many business organizations. Hence, it is necessary to follow certain tactics to leverage the benefits of CDP effectively.

Start Slow

Successful incorporation of CDP requires planning and preparation, along with collaboration between the different stakeholders involved. It is advisable to start slow, incorporating the essential data sources initially. It is advisable to seek the expertise and knowledge of the CDP vendors when integrating multiple data sources, primarily when the data sources previously resided in silos. For instance, organizations can start with marketing automation systems before moving onto data enrichment and mobile integration.


Prioritization plays a vital role in CDP implementation. CDPs offer flexibility across a variety of marketing applications and customer data use cases. However, it is necessary to target the most critical customer use cases. In the initial stage of CDP incorporation, it can be challenging to test and align the resources for multiple CDP projects in a short period; hence, organizations should prioritize the crucial business needs.


CDPs will prove most useful to the marketing and sales department of the organizations. However, it is imperative that they facilitate collaboration among the internal teams to ensure the effectiveness of the integration. The integration of CDP with CRM, ERP, and other automation systems can enable the organizations to provide seamless interactions with the consumers.

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