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3CLogic Developed Advanced CTI for ServiceNow: Aims to Boost its New CSM

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 19, 2016

FREMONT, CA: 3CLogic, a cloud communication as a service provider, announced the latest and advanced Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) for ServiceNow. The integration update follows ServiceNow’s latest advancement in the field of customer service. This advancement aims to accompany the firm’s latest Customer Service Management (CSM) platform with insightful and coherent telephony services.

3CLogic will leverage ServiceNow’s latest OpenFrame architecture, multichannel and end-to-end solutions to deliver various functionalities and features by using APIs. These features and functionalities include latest browser based CTI and UI for blended, outbound, or inbound call requirements. It also provides the operational ability by utilizing the current on-premise telephony systems or through pure cloud subscription.

The advanced CTI enables automatic screen-pops representing contacts, cases, or incidents. The latest solution enables functionality of the screen and call recording to implant within the ServiceNow platform. The solution also incorporates the feature of quality management tools and real-time agent monitoring along with the function of integrated call reporting bounded within the reporting framework of ServiceNow.

3CLogic offers a full suite of blended, outbound, and inbound call center solutions designed to improve business sales, marketing, service, and support initiatives. Placing a strong emphasis on enhancing end-user experience, 3CLogic designs and develops solutions that empower agents to deliver on customer needs and expectations. 3CLogic’s solution effectively leverages the cloud to integrate communication channels and database management solutions and provides agents with the required information at the time of the interaction, regardless of the channel chosen.

The latest CTI solution is verified in the ServiceNow’s Fuji, Geneva, and Calgary releases. It certifies that the cloud communication solution of 3CLogic is ideal for the departments that deal with customers based on the industry such as Security, Customer Support, Marketing, HR, and Sales.