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3D Data Transforms the Complete Building Lifecycle with Scan to BIM or 3D Scanning Service

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 25, 2019

3D Scan-to-BIM showcases the construction industry, carries the new standards for 3D modeling.

FREMONT, CA: Scan to Building Information Model (BIM) or 3D Scanning Services is a new wing of the smart construction conceptualization, and reflects the ability to capture data from a physical space or site, to create an intelligent 3D model of it. The technology is typically used in the renovation projects to record existing context.

The application helps to build a 3D survey with complete accuracy and precise information by scanning process using laser scanners. Firstly, the team sets up and coordinates 3D control markers on site before the actual scanning process. The second step is the actual scanning process, which is to collect data and generate a Point Cloud Data. The raw data is downloaded and converted simultaneously. The information is compared to the survey control to highlight the differences. After the verification of sight data, the modelers develop the model for a representation of the actual structure. And finally, all the necessary information is included in the derived 3D model.

3D Scan-to-BIM improves communication and collaborations in the team by generating scanned data with more reliability & quality assurance. It saves the field time to a greater extent and eliminates the costs by avoiding the rework for creating a model with required data and mistakes during constructions. The precise and accurate information assists in taking faster actions on project alterations and in creating sustainable structures. The advanced application also detects clash and eradication during the constructions.

Scan-to-BIM includes tools like construction geometry, mesh modeling, clean topography extractions, and many more. It has brought a transformation in reviewing and analyzing a building. The extracted data can be imported and exported in compressive formats with efficient electronic equipment. Scan-to-BIM is becoming an increasingly frequent application for the construction industries. The tool promises the quality and efficiency of the delivered data, helping the architects, engineers, and respective professionals to experience effortless technological innovations.

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