3D Issue Introduces Software to Redefine Mobile News App View
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3D Issue Introduces Software to Redefine Mobile News App View

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 28, 2015

FREMONT, CA: 3D Issue, a suite of tools to help publishers and marketers get their content in front of targeted audiences, launches a  tool Hubs; a technology that powers the process of content aggregation and delivery of content for mobile first app.

The beauty of internet is having the wealth of knowledge at your finger tips. This is where content aggregators come into play, as professionals are trying to devise a marketing strategy that delivers online content in a contemporary manner. Hubs is one such package that collates content from online sources and presents them under one url that can be shared through social networks or email campaign.

Hubs platform monitors user’s news and social portals and supply the relevant content into the various apps suiting the fast-paced desired content delivery system.

Hubs help publishers maximize the value and exposure of their content by reaching new markets and allowing their audience to access all related content aggregated into a single ‘one stop shop’. It offers simultaneous access to blogs, news, alerts and feeds, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and instantly deliver those content into a responsive mobile App or web application. Hubs requires no maintenance as it uses existing channels, automatically monitoring the sources, pushing new content directly into the content Hub.

“Hubs is an easy to use tool that allows you to package your content in a matter of seconds. Simply select your sources and click build. The result is an auto-updating publication that provides live up-to-date content on demand. Perfect for creating news walls for companies, events or for powering content delivery for your mobile App” says Paul McNulty, founder and CEO of 3D Issue.