3D Printing: An Affordable Solution for World's Housing Crisis
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3D Printing: An Affordable Solution for World's Housing Crisis

By CIOReview | Friday, August 10, 2018

Since time immemorial, mankind has always been in a constant state of evolution, through various innovative ideas, ground-breaking discoveries, and technologies. While technologies like war machines and drones play havoc in human civilization, there are certain technologies that aid in the betterment of our kind. One such technology is 3D Printing. What started as an experiment by Charles Hull in the early 80's, as a means for hardening tabletop coatings, 3D Printing has become a thriving multi-million dollar industry, with a potential for impacting innovations through all walks of our lives.

On March 2017, in the backdrops of a quaint Russian town, technicians of Apis Cor, a 3D Printing company, decided to produce a 3D Printed home within a short span of time - 24 hours. This breakthrough is transforming the housing industry, with its revolutionary cost-effective solutions. 3D Printing Companies across the globe are contemplating how to use this technology to aid developing countries in building cheap, sustainable and affordable homes. Firms like DUS Architects and New Story, are building housings with local, recycled raw materials, have slashed down the manufacturing cost, creating a revolution in the housing industry.

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Due to overpopulation, there has been a mass housing shortage in various developing countries, and 3D Printing has become an answer to the prayers of countless refugees and street people across the world. With affordable homes that can be built in a very short duration of time, inventive possibilities of 3D Printing are limitless in the housing industry.

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