3DPrintClean's Enclosure and Filtration System to Safeguard Users from Harmful Emission by 3D Printers

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 7, 2015

FREMONT, CA: 3DPrintClean, a company specializing in technologies that make 3D printing in enclosed environments, announces availability of its 3DPrintClean Enclosure and Filtration system to protect users from the unpleasant odors and emissions generated by 3D Printers.

The key features of the filtration system include: Heatsync to protect the printer from overheating by removing excess heat; sealed build chamber to reduce warping, curling and cracking; automatic power cut off with overheat protection; adjustable filtration speed to prevent noise pollution; recirculating Ultrafine particle and fume filtration; and key lock to protect children and pets from hot and moving parts.

3D printer emits dangerous concentrations of Ultrafine particles and other harmful things. When operating in enclosed spaces like office or home, these emissions can cause runny noses, scratchy throats, and long-term health problems to the people around. By repeated scrubbing the contaminated air produced by the printer, the level of Ultrafine Particles can be reduced with each pass until the total concentration has been reduced. Not only the system provides health benefits but also reduces 3D Printer noise and improves print quality by reducing warping, curling and cracking.

3DPrintClean’s Enclosures are available in multiple sizes to fit most 3D Printers with Desktop, FreeStand, and FreeStandPro configurations.