3M Unveils Integrated Design Solutions for the Consumer Electronics Industry

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 7, 2016

FREMONT, CA: 3M unveils its electronics design optimization and assembly solutions for the consumer electronics industry . The company provided a closer look at how 3M enables consumer electronics companies to design with freedom by bridging consumer demands for more exceptional displays with maximized assembly processes. A wide array of integrated consumer electronics design solutions, ranging from privacy filters for smartphones, notebooks and monitors, interactive multi-touch solutions, and optical films for LCD-based electronics, to advanced bonding and assembly solutions were exhibited by 3M.

With increased mobility and the new global office allowing confidential information to be accessed anytime, anywhere, visual hackers could be capturing data for unauthorized use leaving virtually no trace – making this stealth threat a dangerous one. The new 3M ePrivacy Filter software uses facial recognition technology to alert users from over-the-shoulder onlookers. When used together, 3M ePrivacy Filter software and a 3M Privacy Filter provide visual privacy from virtually every angle — up to 180 degrees of privacy protection.

Also on display, 3M display enhancement films that increase the design freedom for automotive interiors by managing reflections and light distribution for improved driver and passenger viewability, increased thermal management and more open interior designs. Latest multi-touch solutions for interactive digital signage applications, including a new 55-inch collaborative multi-touch display are also queued up for demo.

3M will show the latest in high performance optical films and adhesives that integrate to form a brighter, lighter, thinner, more colorful and more energy efficient electronics device display. From smartphones, tablets, notebook PCs and monitors, to the largest LCD TVs, consumer electronics manufacturers turn to 3M to enhance their LCD-centric electronic devices.