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4 Methods CIOs Can Implement to Improve Employee Morale

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 12, 2019

Implementing visual communication with remote workers and others will help boost employee morale.

Fremont, CA: Employee morale is momentous for the success of an organization. Positive employee morale will help a business or organization attain its goals and objectives. To stay at the forefront in this competitive market, it becomes mandatory for organizations to treat each of the employees as their valuable asset reducing employee turnover. This, in turn, will generate high morale for employees who are responsible for increased productivity. Although there are many strategies to build employee morale, including job security, recognition, and promotions, here are some ways that CIOs practice to bolster employee morale by communicating visually.

Tools Strengthening Employee Morale

Though companies try to bridge the communication gap with their remote workers through email memos and general dial-in-meetings, workers feel disconnected. When remote workers lack the connectivity experienced by others during a face-to-face meeting, it will relatively impact productivity. Several tools can help accomplish a quick boost to employee morale; however, the best comes with visual communication.

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Zoom is the video conferencing unicorn providing flawless video and audio, thereby, connecting employees instantly. For its vast potential, many startups have even turned on an “always-on” Zoom room for remote workers to communicate with other team members visually. Designed with the ability to record either locally or in the cloud, Zoom enables to overlook important meetings and calls.


Planning and scheduling business meetings save time, help to be more productive, and focus better. Through Calendar, a smart app driven by artificial intelligence allows anyone to choose and book a meeting to Calendar avoiding overlap. It will protect the user from any pre-existing or conflicting meetings being scheduled at the same time.


Slack is essentially a chat room for the whole company, replacing the primary method of communicating and sharing—email. It is designed in a way to allow organizing communications by channels separately for private messages and group discussions, to share information, files, and more in one place. Slack integrates with a host of other apps managing the entire workflow in one platform. It allows casual conversation using emoji and GIFs, thereby boosting employee morale.


CloudApp is a well known instant video and image sharing platform for professionals including freelance designer, software engineer, web developer, customer service professional, or a startup founder. They can securely share the files with others and can store in the cloud, which is later accessed through Mac and Windows Apps when needed. CloudApp enables rapid capturing and embedding videos, GIFs, screencasts, and marked up images throughout business workflows as in software development, customer success, support, sales, design, and marketing. They can also be shared on the web through unique, secure, and password protected short links.

Visual Appreciation

Businesses can try to achieve their goals employing several enterprise tools and the latest technology, but if the employees are not motivated properly, it is not worth having all the tools. While verbal motivation goes a long way, visual appreciation gives immediate results when a demotivated employee kick starts his/her job in the right path contributing to a small portion of the company’s success factor.

In a work environment, all team members may face burnout and demoralization at the same time. In such situations, visual appreciation can help them feel motivated. In this regard, remote workers miss out on those informal communications and may only get critical feedback about their work.

Traveling long miles to thank someone is impracticable. Managing this by sending personalized videos, a funny screenshot, or a video memo that goes out to the team and specific individuals praising them imparts positive vibes that they are noticed and their work is recognized by superiors.

Setting up a Slack channel to praise team members with GIFs, videos, memes, and text is an effective way to manage the remote workforce. Small and big companies can practice praising their employees through the apps to boost their morale.

 Visually Engage, Motivate, and Entertain Employees

As culture encourages an employee to serve for the company, organizations should create a culture that enables employees to communicate visually and ensure a connected modern workforce. In this frequently job-switching world, it is essential to provide a voice to the employees. For example, Facebook provides Walls for the visiting remote workers, employees, customers, and all to put something on akin to a physical Facebook post. Thus the way to stay connected with the employees matter the most and not the medium used to create the visuals.

Tracking Progress

Another excellent way to improve employee morale is by monitoring progress. Setting small goals and working towards them can earn a lot more than unplanned work. As small goals accumulate and produce excellent results, fixing small goals is crucial. For an employee who feels like working in the void, the small achievements amount to a great deal of success towards the desired task to be accomplished.

There are some goal tracking apps like Strides and CoachMe, which are more effective and motivating. They harness the power of visualizing progress. Project managers and leaders usually screw up due to lack of communication with their team. While apps like Asana, Trello, and Slack are great, sometimes a fun, bright, and creative chart displayed for everyone in the room to have a glance adds the right amount of spark. This kind of connection keeps everyone motivated, without having to log in and look for it inside apps typically designed for appreciating.

Apart from the strategies mentioned above, simple ways like creating a quick GIF or screenshot only takes 10 seconds. Those ten seconds worth a million dollar from a business perspective as it boosts the employees in making good progress.