451's Study Finds Wearables As An Interface For IoT Access

By CIOReview | Monday, June 22, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Smart watches and wearables will find a welcome home in the enterprise as the number of cellular devices connected loT or M2M devices will increase nearly fourfold from 2014 to 2019, says the latest study by 451 Research firm.

It is estimated that the IoT (Internet of Things) connections will increase from 252 million to 908 million in the coming four years.  

451 Research, a firm focused on the business of enterprise IT innovation has done this study as they cover emerging technology segments, such as datacenter, mobility and cloud computing. The reason behind this huge increase of the wearables is the dropped prices of both bandwidth and hardware.  Also, the cloud-based middleware and data platforms are making it easier to securely generate insights from machine data at greater scale than ever before possible. The other reason of this fourfold growth is that the awareness of the transformational potential of IoT /M2M has increased.

How this growth is going to change the face of the market?

The study predicts that this massive growth is going to change the market’s face as connected passenger vehicles and energy will pace the market in terms of connection volume while emerging solutions like ‘pay as you drive’ insurance will grow the fastest. Also, 81 percent of US IT decision makers are favorable towards smart watches with apps that will create a boom in the market of wearables because now the technology is not just till the consumers, it has reached to the interest of enterprise.

“The release of Apple Watch has opened the flood gates governing wearables’ adoption. They have the potential to become an interface- if not the interface- for IIoT access,” said Ryan Martin, Analyst, IoT and Wearable Technologies.