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4tiitoo Launches NUIA Full Focus to Allow Natural Eye Contact in Video Calls

By CIOReview | Monday, November 9, 2020

Munich-based start-up 4tiitoo launched NUIA Full Focus, a software that develops natural eye contact with conversation partners in video calls intelligently.

FREMONT, CA: Munich-based start-up 4tiitoo (forty-two) specializing in gaze control of computers has launched NUIA Full Focus. It is a software that develops natural eye contact with conversation partners in video calls intelligently and without artificial image adjustments. The system helps build trust, makes content more memorable, and merely helps the speaker come across as engaging.

It is estimated that almost 900 million business trips will be replaced by remote communication this year. In this new normal, the capability to develop trust in video calls will become a primary reason for success, especially in sales. According to studies, eye contact is a significant part of gaining confidence, and it is applicable for video-supported communication just as much as to face-to-face meetings. The eye contact in video calls is offered to the conversation partner when the user looks at the monitor area near the camera. A lot of relevant information, even the other person's image in the call, is shown far away from the camera. Several callers seem to look away from the camera and the person they are talking with even when they focus on the person's video image with whom they are conversing.

With the help of NUIA, Full Focus, and an Eye Tracker installed, a glance at relevant screen content will be enough to duplicate it into the sweet spot automatically. The user can then look in the camera's direction again that will offer full attention to the conversation partner through eye contact.

According to 4tiitoo Co-Founder and Managing Director, Tore Meyer, "In our own video calls we noticed over and over again that the participants gazed in all possible directions, just not at our eyes. We wanted to do this better, especially in our sales and investor calls, so we started by positioning relevant windows on the screen with the mouse near the camera. That was an improvement, but at the same time distracted us in highly concentrated call situation. After a big investor pitch via video conference, we came up with the idea: Why not solve this more elegantly with our Eye-Control platform? NUIA Full Focus is the result."