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5 AI Trends to Look for in 2018

By CIOReview | Friday, January 12, 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has found enthusiastic response in most enterprises, and its benefits are being gradually identified. AI is expected to impact the market in the following ways in 2018:

1. AI in Cybersecurity and Cyber-attacks

AI prevention technologies are expected to protect against sophistic ated hackers. Automated data deception technology products can identify and protect against possible attacks by attempting to detect them early, and deceiving or defeating them.

While AI advances cybersecurity, it can also aid in cyber-attacks. AI in malware may make decisions that benefit attackers become a threat. Targeted attacks are anticipated on AI-powered devices as well as AI algorithm. AI corruption is highly expected in 2018.

2. AI in Marketing and Sales

These sectors are expected to have large-scale boosts due to AI. While AI handles repetitive tasks, employees become free to focus on increasing the customer’s contentment.

3. AI Democratization

With AI platforms being developed by the likes of Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others, AI has become more affordable than in 2016-2017. This will aid enterprises in finding and acting on information more effectively, without being prejudiced.

4. AI and Chatbots

As AI flourishes in the consumer market, chatbots impact the daily lives of people. 2018 promises greater use of AI in varied industries like insurance and retail.

5. AI and UX

AI will help enterprises by improving user experience (UX). Using AI to identify patterns in customer use will aid companies make improvements that will lead to better UX.

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