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5 Qualities of Dam Everyone Should Know

By CIOReview | Friday, May 31, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The DAM market is growing due to the rise in application development; professionals see the organization and delivery of content as a way to address their top challenges. Some of the issues in this arena are:

• The data content is siloed in a single repository

Instead of having different versions of the content for websites, email marketing, and product information management, DAM solutions provide a single repository for resource management. Marketers have the freedom to use the content directly or create a library for future reference. A silo enables easy structuring of data and organization via metadata and taxonomy.

• Offers sophisticated content enrichment needs

DAM caters to the variety of web content management that marketers need. It has robust content enrichment capabilities and manages different versions of content and digital rights by dates, regions or channel, local and global variations.

• Holistic solutions

DAM solutions support the entire content lifecycle, from ideas to planning, creation, and management, along with analysis. It supports the work-in-progress assets so that designers can work on the same while storing. Marketers are provided with resource management which enables the e-commerce teams to work with assets throughout the content lifecycle.

• DAM supports many asset types.

DAM is optimized to support rich media content, like images, videos, and creative data assets. It is no longer a media library as it also supports other varieties of content, including text or 3-D images. DAM can trace the content being used to the person accessing it at a specific time, proving to be a smarter single source of truth for both data assets and the performance of those assets.

• DAM solutions manage assets across groups

Enterprise DAM solutions are built to scale instead of operating at a fixed small scale. They can handle hundreds of thousands of data assets across different regions without restriction to a particular group or social media. DAM solutions manage data assets so that departments across the organization—from marketing to design to e-commerce to sales—can access the right asset.

DAMs continue to provide robust functionality to enrich assets on varieties of data content. The integration with AI will offer not only management but also smart working. By cutting down the marketers and designers search for the quality web content. These innovations continue to push forward the DAM industry.