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5 Significant Trends in E-Commerce for 2018

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 21, 2017

The internet has had a steadfast growth in terms of its identity as a global marketplace. With time, online business is getting redefined with aid of new technology to ensure better services and to the end-consumers. Here are the five trends that will rule the e-commerce world in 2018:

1. Virtual assistants

Online merchants are eager to leverage ease-of-shopping to their customers with aid of virtual assistants. Virtual assistants, equipped with artificial intelligence will help customers choose from a range of relevant options of their desired items.

2. Dynamic applications

The customers will be able to try their products virtually and click the ‘buy now’ button when they are satisfied with the same. For instance, dynamic applications in a clothing or make-up website will scan the customers’ face and figures and customers will be able to see how they look before buying the products. This reduces return rates and simultaneously increases customer engagement.

3. Better customization

Customers will now be enabled with better understanding of products with aid of artificial intelligence. E-commerce businesses will make use of customer data to gain information about their preferences and display relevant products to the right person with precision.

4.  Innovation in delivery

Innovation is and will remain the biggest challenge in the area of e-commerce solutions. Still, online merchants are making use of new ways to keep their customers engaged and enable multiple delivery options which will eventually increase conversion rate. In addition, the delivery time will also reduce without compromise on quality of products and services.

5. Automation

Time is an important factor for both retailers and shoppers when online trade is concerned. While customers want their order to be delivered real soon, e-commerce sites will deploy automation to make sure that less time is invested in handling customer processes to deliver quality services in a short time.

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