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5 Steps to Build a Strong Customer Identity

By CIOReview | Monday, August 12, 2019

When a customer demands personalized experience, the company has to make sure that they know about them as an individual.

FREMONT, CA: Marketers are trying to understand their customers at an individual level and also respond to them with proper experience and information. Here are some of the strategies with which a company can start with identity resolution of its consumers.

1. Develop an Overall Customer Data Strategy

Before starting with identity resolution, it is essential to figure out the strategy with which a company is going to progress. This is a crucial step because each company is different, and they need a separate strategy.

The process can be kicked off by gathering relevant information on the type of technologies currently used in the company to store data. When these types of questions are asked and answered, it is more likely that the company will get an idea of what needs to be changed in the organization.

2. Bring the Customer Data Together

The company can bring all the customer data together in one place for activation and analyzing them. To provide customers with a personalized experience, the concept of identity plays an essential role.

3. Start with Deterministic Matching

While creating an individual character of a customer, there can be a certain amount of stitching and merging of profiles together as the data collected from multiple sources. There are two ways a company can create a single picture of a person’s identity; deterministic and probabilistic.

When a firm chooses the deterministic matching their work becomes much more manageable. They can stitch profiles based on unique, explicit identifiers like an email address or system ID.

4. Understand and Weight Identity Signals

To recognize a specific person, a company needs an identifier, and they may have several identifiers in the organization. Some of the identifiers might be more valuable or accurate than the others. However, the identifiers are more likely to be a name, email address, cookies, loyalty ID, and many more.

The company has to evaluate how they weight these identifiers and tell their technology how they must react to it.

5. Carefully Consider the Tools

The company has to ensure that they are using the right tools to make an individual identity for their customer. Without the proper technology, it is not possible to track personal identity and respond to them.

Every company is unique in their way, so they also need a unique combination of tools for accomplishing their goals. 

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