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5 Trends that Will Impact the Present Power and Energy Realm

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 3, 2018

In a cybernetic world where data and energy is constantly growing, there is a clear trajectory of increasing reliance on and proliferation of electric vehicles, data centers, powerful industrial motors, renewable energy, and smart consumer electronics. Importantly, with the dramatic increase in electronics, and computing, the global population demands power to create more efficient use of a new system design for smaller, lighter, lower cost, and more efficient power systems. Stated in simplest terms, GaN Systems, global leader of GaN (gallium nitride) power semiconductors, unveils the five big trends for 2018 which they believe will have a major impact on the world’s power and energy sector.

1.  Accelerating the Development of Electric Vehicle Market

The development of electric vehicles promises numerous economic and environmental benefits to consumers and society at large and that the future of the auto industry is going to rest on electrification and autonomy. This transition was a huge boon for the electric transport vehicles in 2017, with major businesses investing in electrical vehicle (EV) fleets and working on electric car charging infrastructure. It is been predicted by GaN Systems that there will be an acceleration of electric vehicles development, demand, and improvement this year.

2. Rethinking Data Center Capability

With the use of social networks, online videos, IoT devices, and automobile ADAS systems, the need for creating, storing, and serving data has become the need of the hour. This deluge of data is driving the need for an efficient, increasingly scalable and flexible data center infrastructure. Also, GaN Systems considers the fact that while data centers are significantly more energy efficient today than of the past, appropriate measures will be taken to further maximize power utilization through the use of renewable energy. However, the focus should solely rest on improving power systems and cooling methods, and leveraging edge data centers highly.

3. Solar Energy Democracy

Though showing the signs of being in the nascent stage, the energy storage industry hits a promising growth in both commercial and residential areas. These energy storage systems are combined with renewable sources of energy and designed to help in the emergency of backup power, manage peak demand and perform activities as part of an off-grid system. With the growing number of energy storage projects everywhere, GaN Systems foresees that these systems will enhance the efficiency and pricing of the new power technologies and techniques.  

4. Wireless Charging now made a Reality

Wireless charging devices are the highly momentous trend in the consumer electronics market. With consumers operating on smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, fitness trackers, and other wearables on a large scale, there is a pressing need to get rid of the clutter and extra weight related with multiple wires and chargers. These wireless charging stations have made it a convenience point for users at coffee shops, stores, and other public venues. GaN Systems believes that these enhancements in power technology are abolishing these limitations, and making way for new charging designs that allow for the spatial freedom and charge time that consumers are looking for.

5. Emphasizing Energy Savings

To put it succinctly, industrial electric motors and drives are crucial components that help commercial and industrial plants operate. In this stand, there is an observed pressure for increasing efficiency through technology and government policy approaches, which includes incentives and initiating more rigorous energy efficiency standards and motor-efficiency regulations. To that end, GaN Systems envisages that the makers will answer the call with a pivoted focus on improving high efficiency motor drive technology and integration.

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